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Higher Heart Chakra Clearing and Activation - Remove Burdens from the Heart, Manifest Your Hearts Desires, Increase Receptiveness to Love, and More



High Heart Chakra Clearing and Activation Session ©

Session Duration : 90 Minutes

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During the Higher Heart Chakra Clearing and Activation Session The Higher Heart Chakra will be activated, expanded, balanced, cleared and cleansed so that it operates at its optimum level. Any less than love energies that have caused you to close your heart will be removed so that you are no longer self sabotaging your life and can create the reality you truly desire.


This session will activate your Higher Heart chakra to assist you in the outward expression of Divine attributes, in addition to making the thymus gland more fully regulate the immune system. Thus this session is appropriate to work on healing disease and imbalances so that they become whole again returning to their blueprint state of perfection. Stagnant and accumulated negative energy within the auric field will be cleared.

Energy gaps created by accidents and traumas in this lifetime and others will be healed. Lower vibration energies will be transmuted thus you will be freed from from envy, anger, aggression, jealousy, heartlessness, bitterness, hatred, and all other lower natured feelings that block you from the state of love. The Activation of your Higher Heart Chakra will clear negative patterns and imprints in the energy field that are related to the high heart chakra.


 You will return you to the feeling of oneness with your Divine Self, opening and activating the Higher Heart Chakra so that you are basking in the love of Oneness of the Divine. This loving energy will permeate your whole body, entering into every cell of your being, surrounding and filling all levels of your bodies bringing amazing healing energy to the Higher Heart Chakra, reconnecting your soul body and physical body and restoring spiritual love for the Divine.

Additional Benefits of the High Heart Chakra Clearing and Activation Session

Restores wholeness

Aids High Blood Pressure

Assists healing of tumors 

Relieves general irritability

Clears negative patterns

Encourages Restful sleep

Removes burdens from the heart from great sorrows, painful traumas and experiences

Relieves headaches

Optimizes life force

Aids communication and loss of voice, expressing ideas

Opens one to express love more freely including touch

Assists in finding life purpose

Elevates vibrations

Ability to live life in alignment with desires of Higher Self

Instills spirit of forgiveness for those who have wronged you

Enhances Spiritual Growth 

Helps you to live in Christ Consciousness and become more spiritual

Higher perspectives in the way one views the world 

Empowers manifestations of hearts desires

Increases Receptiveness to Love, all forms, including Divine Love

Releases fear

Heals a broken heart



Copyright ©2014 Masters Healing Light Academy







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