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Absolute Confidence Empowerment Healing Session - Be Happy About Who You Are, Radiate Happiness, Contentment, Joy and Absolute Confidence!


Absolute Confidence Empowerment Healing Session ©

Duration: 90 Minutes

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The Absolute Confidence Empowerment Healing Session will bring you confidence in yourself and your ability to manifest what you truly desire in all areas of your life so that you can be the Conscious Creator you are designed to be.

Absolute Confidence Empowerment Healing Session brings to the surface confidence in your ability to obtain what you want so that confidence will be Absolute and will not be contingent on outer circumstances nor your inner emotional or mental state. This allows your level of confidence to be free of any limitation, condition or situation. There will no longer be any particular condition that will need to be met for you to have confidence.

You will simply have Absolute Confidence.

The energy works in such a way that you radiate your innate confidence from the very core of your inner being in such a way that you are fully connected to and operating from the very essence of your being - the True Divine Self. You will connect to truth about yourself such as that you are basically good, deserve goodness and are already connected to All that you need to manifest your desires.

The energy works to allow you to have Absolute Confidence, Faith and Trust in your abilities, gifts, talents, decisions and intuition. Healing is given for core blocks of fear  to self confidence such as fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear and expectation that something bad will happen that will cause you anxiety, embarrassment or feelings of inadequacy, so that these no longer serve as a block to your success. Feelings of self doubt, nervousness, programmed beliefs that you will be embarrassed or fail, etc. will be released.

At last, you will be happy about who you are!   You will radiate happiness, contentment and joy!

In this session programming that you were taught as a child that has conditioned you to ignore your inner voice will be released. The ‘volume’ of your inner voice will be raised so that you are tapping into the unlimited reservoir of wisdom right inside you so that you make choices that serve your Highest and Best Good.   The Absolute Trust Empowerment Session is designed to support you in taking great leaps of faith, acting in blind faith so that you can soar above earth bound concerns problems and limitations and have faith and trust in your abilities, gifts, talents, skills, decisions, intuition!

You will discover that you can truly FLY!

Benefits of the Absolute Confidence Empowerment  Healing Session


Faith and Trust in abilities, gifts, talents, decisions, intuition


A knowing that you are a valuable person and that your contributions are needed and make a difference


Development of trust, love, acceptance and respect for the Self


Freedom from fear of the unknown


Ability to stand up for what you believe in


Courage to take risks


Discovery of hidden or dormant strengths and the best way to use them




Release from self punishment, self criticism, self berating


Happiness in Authentic Self


Self Confidence


Make positive changes in life


Confident Decision Making


Attainment of goals


Manifestation of dreams and desires


Enhanced ability to tap into inner wisdom and hear your inner voice


Freedom from the need for approval from others


Make crisis time decisions with confidence


Freedom from Self Doubt

Copyright ©2013 Masters Healing Light Academy

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