Dragons of Light and Empowerment Reiki by Linda Colibert - Wisdom, Healing, Love, Abundance, Fun, Inner Power, and More


Dragons of Light and Empowerment Reiki

Founder Linda colibert/Daelyn Wolf

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate.

The Dragons of Light and Empowerment Reiki connects you to the spirit of

Dragons and creative source. These Dragons seek to assist you with

widsom, healing, love, and abundance. The energies are fun, filled with

love, and help you seek your power within. The Dragons are powerful, and

when you connect they will always be near and ready to assist you in your

time of need. Their soul light brightens your energies and lifts you with

courage to be who you truly are.

Dragons of Light and Empowerment Reiki

Dragons are amazing creatures. They stay hidden within the ethereal realm,

yet do reveal themselves to those they trust. They are wise, live to be very

old, and contrary to what most people might like to believe, they do have a

fine sense of humor. They are fierce protectors of those they love, and

anything they have been put in charge of. They guard the wisdom of the

ages, revealing magick and the arts only to those who will understand the

powers they are working with and use it wisely.

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