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Diamond Guardian Angel by Ramon Martinez Lopez- Build a portal to your higher self, connect with your multi-dimensionality, divine creative potential


Diamond guardian angel™

Founder Ramon Martinez Lopez

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and certificate.





There are many kinds of angels that you might work with, though the single most Important one is your solar angel (guardian angel). However, the primary purpose of thisAngel WORKSHOP is not to guard you but to oversee your personal and spiritual evolution.) Generally, archangels work with other angels and not with humans DIRECTLY.

This attunements allows any angelic forces that with to work with you to do so more easily by facilitating communication AND SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION (from them to you and from you to them.)



Spiritual potential:


* Build a portal diamond - a powerful single channel to your Higher Self

in the light frequency of diamond

* Connects you with your multidimensionality 

* Activate infinite divine creative potential

* Helps you integrate your lost luminously aspects unresolved (release of karma, care OF THE SOUL)

* Helps you to integrate and activate your light aspects and higher teacher ASPECTS

* Through deep meditation you can build portals diamond light across the Earth

* You can help other people to join your channel Higher Self

* Light vehicle activate your Light diamond

* We will communicate and integrated into the matrix of the enlightened and avatars of all time

* You will be guided and trained directly and individually by enlightened

* Helps transcend your ego consciousness

guarDian angel diamond stands in portals of vibration level and temples of

bright diamond and diamond portals of universe.



Possible applications:


The portal Angel Diamond is wonderful for meditation and bright individual work.

Of course, it also allows light and harmonize houses and buildings.


channeling: the solar guardian angel diamond portal is a single tool in bright light frequency and connects the soul with the multidimensional light of your organization or carrying toward it, opens a portal to all aspects of his being, helps in the release of aspects lost or unresolved issues and also helps teachers to integrate frequencies upper or superior aspects of light. But it also helps when this luminous soul active and wants to help other people, then opens a portal in this vibration frequency diamond to the desired level of the other, the other luminous soul seeking help. Help , so Therefore, also the owner, the luminous soul, open through this website other sites on the universe , that this luminous soul can easily go traveling , take spiritual journeys and experiences and receive locally bright and instructive teaching experiences .

So also is always connected with higher heart and with bright diamond temple- the diamond matrix enlightened.


The red diamond angel connection:

the key to the wisdom of God manifested in the creation - the cells receive contact with the infinite wisdom of the creator - he reminds his cell Divinity - activating the Kundalini forces - the sacred cobra leaves the Basic white chakra - the domination of the physical creation - above and below is one of you - get rid of old value system and "rise " to the consciousness of All-One Divine - activates the Diamond light - the Diamond Light is generated "This key combines the supreme Divine Principle - crown - with point bottom of Divine Creation in a drive in you - up and down is one .

These bright red ... Diamonds are key Throne Divine Campus , the infinite light frequency God , even your level to your physical presence, your physical here and now . Communicate supreme levels enclosure the throne to the lowest level in the Divine manifestation and open the infinite wisdom of God in your cells, to receive your cellular consciousness contact with the infinite wisdom of the Creator has again been placed on them from the original principle of all material creation.

Red Diamond Light connects to the lowest point of creation

divine - up and down is one, is All-One, all are one in God.

This light can also awaken your Kundalini forces . Then the sacred white cobra arises from your basic chakra and rises along your bright channel Prana and protects your head like a Buddha when he received lighting ...I placed this awareness in each of their cells to be light and truth that can also transformed into light , which can be opened in perfect light . As originated and were created in the Light any time can ascend into the Light, the Light and become so detached from all bonds earthly.


                                                                                                                                                                                           AND MUCH MORE! :)                                                                                                                                 


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