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Past Life Healing Session Package - Past Life Healing, Past LIfe Integration, Cellular Memory Clearing, Past Life Experiences Clearing PLUS BOGO

$299.99 $1,000.00

The Past Life Healing Session includes 10 Powerful Healing and Clearing Sessions. The sessions included are 90 minutes each. Should you like to customize this package, you may omit a session and replace it with another session offered in the webstore of equal or lesser value. The package includes 10 ninety minute sessions and is fully customizable. If you purchased these sessions individually the cost would be over $1000.00. Plus for a limited time you will receive a healing package of equal or lesser value free.

The Healing and Clearing Sessions included are:

  1. Sacred Past Life Vows, Oaths, Promises, Contracts Release Session
  2. Unconscious  Scripts Release
  3. Ultimate Karmic Clearing Session
  4. Deep Soul Healing
  5. Past Life Healing
  6. Past Life Integration Healing
  7. Cellular Memory Clearing
  8. Akashic Records Clearing
  9. Unresolved Past Life Experiences Clearing
  10. Past Life Trauma Healing

You may read the descriptions of each of these sessions in the webstore. I have included a brief description here, but for full details please read each individual listing.

1. The Past Life Vows, Oaths, Promises, and Sacred Contracts release session is a gentle release and clearing of Past Life Vows, Oaths and Sacred Contracts. In our past lives many of us have experienced spiritual vocations as witches, monks, abbots, nuns, priestesses, healers and warriors. In difficult times we may have lived hidden away to keep safe from persecution or given up individuality and personality in servitude to temples and religious orders. In this new era we are being invited to step forward to share our unique gifts in complete trust. Many of us have an a deep desire to do this but are still feeling held back by these old sacred vows and oaths. What happens is that the soul recognizes these vows and holds you to them. You hold the vibration or frequency pattern of the vow within your energy system.

2.  The Unconscious Scripts Release Session  is designed to release unconscious, unresolved, survival based scripts across all lifetimes that are negatively motivating your present life experiences and behaviors. Most of us are not aware of the scripts within the subconscious mind which direct and motivate everything they do and who they attract based on unconscious agendas. Most of these pre-existing scripts are created at past life deaths, and exist as cellular/soul memory. In this session the scripts causing you to materialize unpleasant experiences in your current life will be cleared including unconscious source reinforcing obsessions, mental/physical issues, addictions, and the like.

3. During the Ultimate Karmic Clearing Session the highest priority karmic imprints, contracts and loops, blocks, will be cleared permanently. The Ultimate Karmic Clearing and Healing Session will uplift you on all levels of your being - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is designed to clear the blocks that are keeping you from accessing the best of your potential in life or from achieving total well-being. During the clearing pain of past experiences, in this lifetime and past incarnations will be released.

4. In the Deep Soul Healing Session an area that will be cleaned up is your past lives or past times where key programs were set. If you have a subconscious program that you are giving energy to that says it¹s not safe to love, or take your power or be who you are, then that program limits your world. These will be removed. These past life programs will be cleared. The primary energy will be cleared. The patterns and energy you are holding in your nervous system and the fluid in your spine and brain will also be cleared. The purpose of this session is to assist you by integrating your whole being with your Higher Self. Patterns your subconscious mind gives energy to will be released. Your subconscious mind is the part of you that knows everything that has ever happened to you, all your realities and experiences since the time you came from the Creator. If there is a current conflict at the inner personal level, it will be released.

5.  Through a past life healing you will be healing issues from your past lives in safe environment, surrounded and accompanied by the Angels and Archangels. The constant ”why” questions about individual’s life often answered during these sessions. This healing session is designed with the purpose of helping you heal the root causes of mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges you might be having in this life time. Past life healing also can help you remember and recover your past wisdom, talents and positive memories that can help you with your life purpose today.

6. The Past Life Integration Session  is offered as a support to release blockages or phobias that have been holding you back in your life. Release old karmic patterns and recurring past issues and pain. Embrace and transform deep unconscious patterns in the cellular memory, DNA and genetic memory. The benefits are you will be more present and integrated in your body, be more connected with your life purpose and soul essence. You will experience more joy, power, freedom, and choice.

7. Heal the Broken Soul, Release Past Life Memories, Change Negative and Limiting Subconscious Beliefs, as well as Genetic Programmings with a Cellular Memory Clearing, Healing and Release Session. This session will restore well being and accelerate your growth! Memory Release assists in healing your Mind, Body and Spirit. It is the vehicle to connect to the mind, body and soul. The purpose of these sessions is to clear the areas of your life where you are still trapped in negative programing.

8. If you are ready to be free from negative thoughts, toxic relationship patterns, painful emotions, and causes of disease then the Akashic Records Clearing Session  is especially for you. This session will remove the limiting thoughts, feeling and beliefs that have been attracting unwanted experiences into your life, so your energy becomes aligned with what you want to attract, and you naturally draw to you the experiences you want, the unwanted emotions, such as fear, anger, depression and anxiety, so you can experience more joy and freedom in your life, the toxic and harmful relationship patterns for all types of relationships, including family of origin, romantic, family and business, so you attract to you the people you want in your life, the causes of physical pain, disease and allergies, so you have more energy and vitality, feel better in your body, and allow your body to heal naturally. This will allow you to become a magnet for what you want in your life. Negative patterns and blocks that are carried over from a previous life will be cleared which frees you to live more fully in the now.

9. The purpose of the unresolved past life experience clearing and healing session is to clear unresolved, residual experiences from past lives so you are not transferring this image onto the present, and recreating the same limiting life patterns. Karmic residue will be removed so the soul does not create the same circumstances over and over again. This will help you to heal the troubles of the past. This is easier to do now than then. As you are released from the pain and suffering of the past you can come to a deeper wisdom and understanding in the present.

10. Past Life Trauma Healing is a powerful opportunity to become free from any negative or limiting experiences which happened to you in your past lives. You may know or have a sense that some of your past lives have been traumatic or difficult and you may feel the effects of this past life trauma as fear in your present life. Many of us have past lives where we experience events, traumas and lessons that left our spirit hurt, fearful, and unable to let go.

Healing reports are not included in this package price although they may be purchased individually for $15 per session following each session, or 49.99 at the end of the sessions as a summary of all sessions.

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