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Fear Healing Package - Release Fear of Rejection, Failure, Success, Change, The Unknown, Abandonment, Vulnerability, Love, Poverty, PLUS BOGO

$299.99 $1,050.00

he Ultimate Fear Healing Package includes 11 Powerful Healing and Clearing Sessions. The sessions included are 90 minutes each. Should you like to customize this package, you may omit a session and replace it with another session offered in the webstore of equal or lesser value. The package includes 11 ninety minute sessions and is fully customizable. If you purchased these sessions individually the cost would be over $1050.00.

Plus for a limited time you will receive a healing package of your choice of equal or lesser value.


The Healing and Clearing Sessions included are:

  1. The Fear of Rejection Session
  2. The Fear of Being Alone Clearing
  3. The Fear of Failure, Fear of Success Clearing
  4. The Fear of Change Clearing
  5. The Fear of the Unknown Clearing
  6. The Fear of Vulnerability Clearing
  7. Releasing Emotional Armor Healing Session
  8. Fear of Abandonment Clearing
  9. Love Issues Clearing
  10. Fear of Losing or Being Controlled Clearing
  11. Scarcity and Lack Consciousness Clearing

You may read the descriptions of each of these sessions in the webstore. I have included a brief description here, but for full details please read each individual listing.


The Fear of Rejection session is designed to do deep soul healing for the deep wounds to your soul from rejection so that you do not feel unimportant, unloved and insignificant anymore. The pain from the experience of rejection will not just go away without healing.


In the Fear of Being Alone session we will correct and heal the energetic imbalances on an energetic level - including patterns, and programming, issues, that cause the fear of being alone. The damage will be repaired to the affected areas of self including physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, psychological. Limiting issues will be healed on the energetic level. As the programmed fears, thoughts, emotions are released from your energy fields, aura, chakras, bodies and subconscious so that these are no longer keeping you stuck in unhealthy situations out of fear of being alone. Thus, you will stop abandoning yourself!

During the Fear of Failure Clearing session you will experience a profound unconscious shift in the blocks you have related to the fear of failure. Attachment to fear of failure will be cleared so that you can reach new heights in absence of fear of failure.

 The fear of Change Clearing and Healing Session works to release you of the fear of change so that you are not stuck in life due to negative programming and beliefs in the subconscious. In this session the negative programming will be released and replaced with positive core beliefs regarding Fear of Change and related issues.

The Fear of the Unknown clearing and healing session is designed to clear and remove the Fear associated with the unknown. You will receive deep healing for your FEAR and need to Control the outcome of things in your life. Unhelpful, unhealthy, unnecessary fear associated with the unknown will be cleared.

The Fear of Vulnerability Clearing Session will clear away blockages within you that hinder you from expressing who you are on the inside. Self love energy will fill you so that you have more to give to self and others allowing you to express your true being. Illusion, grief and fear will be released so this no longer holds you back. This will allow you to return to your Authentic Self, the self you were as a small child, when you were open and free and able to share all of yourself with others. Walls around your heart, emotional defenses, that you have constructed to protect yourself will be removed as these block the flow of energy and love in both directions. Negative thoughts and feelings about yourself that you have believed and internalized will be removed. The feeling of being responsible for life’s hurts will be cleared away.

This Releasing Emotional Armor Clearing is designed to release the emotional armor that you carry around with you to protect your heart and soul. If you are ready to release the weight and burden of your emotional armor, this session is right for you!


The Fear of Abandonment Clearing and healing session will work on experiences sourced from childhood, which manifest throughout life either in attracting partners who will abandon, or in our own aggressive, sabotaging, clingy behavior which forces them to abandon us. It will clear negative patterns such as a tendency to abandon someone before they get a change to abandon you. As well it will work to heal the contractive emotion, which is very much inward, of abandoning the Self and limiting love from being received from its many potential sources.

This Love Issues Clearing session is designed to clear emotional patterns, thoughts, beliefs, around receiving love. It will work to clear and release the fear of not being loved, the fear around loving, the fear of love, fear of losing love, fear of conditional love or love with an agenda or expecting that love will not last or that you will be hurt, abandoned or rejected and or the fear of intimacy. It will clear all fears around love.

With the Control Clearing and Healing Session this will allow control issues to be released so that you can have positive outcomes in the now, in whatever way your control issues are affecting your life at present as well as prevent these issues from coming up and affecting the future. In session the underlying issues that lead you to this behavior will be released so that you can be free of the tendency towards patterns of control issues. The session is designed to assist you in releasing these patterns once and for all so that they stop affecting your life and relationships. The energy will also help you recognize the feeling of control and issues that trigger this pattern of control and feel the other side of this emotion - balance! The session brings calmness and peace to the soul. It promotes a deep relaxation and sense of peace, emotional well being and helps to ease tensions and uplift your spirit. The session can aid you with issues around sleep and insomnia as well. It equally reduces depression, anxiety, and stress. If you are in a situation where you feel out of control this session can help you to find peace, calm and balance.


The Scarcity and Lack Consciousness Clearing is designed to rid, detox, clear, remove lack, limitation, scarcity and poverty consciousness, and associated fear, worry, doubt and replace it with divine trust in the abundant flow of prosperity of all of the tangible and intangible joys of human living. Allow yourself to be catapulted to the next level of achieving your fullest potential by releasing the lack consciousness that is holding you back. Everything is energy. When the old consciousness that you are carrying around is released your energy can be applied in a constructive way to build a consciousness of success from within.

 This package does not include a healing report. Should you like a healing report, the fee is 49.99. Please indicate if you would like one or not and if so a paypal invoice will be sent to you after your purchase of this package.


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