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Awakening, Ascension and Self Mastery Energy Healing Package - Enhance, Support and Speed Up Your Awakening, Ascension Self Mastery Journey! PLUS BOGO

$299.99 $1,000.00

This healing package includes Ten, 90 Minute, sessions. Plus for a limited time you will receive a healing package of equal or lesser value FREE.

This package is designed to assist those who are wishing to enhance, support and speed up their awakening and ascension, self mastery journey. It is particularly helpful to those who are healers and or light workers who want to excel, fully realize their highest and full potential, their life purposes and higher callings of the soul. The sessions will transform and facilitate change in your life quickly in whatever area where change is essential and needed at this point on your path of purpose.

The sessions focus on healing on the physical, mental and emotional level, going to the source of the issues so that effective change can take place quickly and sustainably. These sessions support you in speeding up your spiritual growth, and assist you in your destiny and purposes and to bring it into your reality – now. Balance, harmony and flow will be created in at least one or more areas of your life so that you can master more in you’re here and now. The energy will assist you in the process of spiritual awakening, ascension, higher consciousness, in the process of spiritual initiation so that you can own your spiritual gifts, talents, abilities, divine qualities, and step up to the next level of your ascension process with greater ease and less pesky ascension symptoms to walk through. The sessions will support you to shift your frequency and consciousness with grace and ease and as quickly as divinely possible.

Through the sessions you will be supported in changing your reality and stepping into and discovering the true self. There are ten one hour sessions included in this package facilitated and tailored to specially meet the needs you have at this time. The sessions will built upon one another. During the sessions density, disharmony, illness, karmic wounding, blocks, limiting beliefs, deabilitating ascension symptoms, etc will be cleared and frequencies, keys and codes as required facilitating healing, balance and harmony in your physical/mental and emotional planes will be applied weaving in the needed electromagnetic frequencies, keys and codes interacting with your DNA, your electromagnetic body and lightbody – supporting your enlightenment, spiritual growth, ascension, awakening, rise in consciousness, and evolution. Crystal frequency, color and sound, light language, Reiki, electromagnetic frequency, cosmic and planetary energies, Angelic Frequency, Masters & Rays, Sacred Fire, shamanic healing, essences and more will be transmitted to your soul for the purpose of healing on all levels.

This will serve to support your ascension process, awakening and self-mastery course and path bringing more ease into your daily life so that you are able to step into the empowered co-creator of your reality and embody the highest vision of the self and step into the life you destined yourself to live before you entered the earth plane. This supports healing and change in the mind, body, soul and in your reality so that you can experience change, rebirth, healing on the physical, emotional and mental levels, experience positive changes in relationship to the Self and also to your loved ones, finances, and life. You will be energetically supported in releasing struggle and welcoming in balance, harmony, grace, ease, flow into your life and to move through your ascension at a rapid pace so that you can connect to and utilize your gifts and abilities embodying them into your being and subsequently manifesting them in your reality. This allows you to experience continued growing consciousness, connection and communication with your Higher Self so that you are lovingly supported and nurtured as you move through the stages of ascension. Experience rise in frequency and consciousness and experience much more grace and ease as you do!

Expect to go into and move through spiritual initiations at a rapid rate. To connect to your unique gifts and talents, to embody them within your being and manifest them into your reality. To experience your intuitive skills developing and becoming a part of your daily life. To experience a growing conscious connection & communication with your soul self. To be lovingly supported and nurtured as you constantly move to the next level of your self-mastery, shifting your frequency and consciousness with as much grace and ease as possible, as quickly as possible!

 This package does not include a healing report. Should you like a healing report, the fee is 49.99. Please indicate if you would like one or not and if so a paypal invoice will be sent to you after your purchase of this package.

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