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Holy Cross Protection Empowerment by Tracey Loper - NEW - Protection from ANY Evil influences, Rejection, Abandonment, Pain, Powerlessness, and MORE


Copyright ©2014 Tracey Loper


This system is not eligible as part of any package offer, discount or sale. The Holy Cross Empowerment is not available with any buy one get one free offer.  This system should never be offered by exchange, gifted among friends, shared on reiki groups, posted online, offered on ebay, traded, copied, plagiarized, translated, or altered in any way.


The Holy Cross Protection Empowerment is designed to call the Cross of Ascended Master Christ Jesus to be with you, and your body during all your life, every moment, at day, and at night, above you, below you, behind you, beneath you, aside you, within you, and everywhere, before any enemy, human or non-human, visible or invisible, to protect you against all weapons formed against you whatever they may be. The cross symbol can be used to cover you and bless your soul, protect and bless you or your family members from any adversity or adversary.

  It protects you in such a way that evil persons, enemies, dark forces, will not even approach you as you have the sign of Christ upon you, within you, the Presence of Jesus with you at all times. Full protection is given for your entire journey no matter where you go or travel you will be safe, so that no evil will befall you in any way, and you are safe, and your home, vehicle, possessions, property, family, is safe. 

As you receive this energy the Light of Master Jesus will surround you, enfold you, protect you, and watch over you, so that wherever you are, thus, so is Jesus, and where Master Jesus is –all is truly well. Jesus will hold you in His safety, comfort and care, so that you have peace, knowing you have nothing to fear.

You can place the symbol of the Holy Cross on anything declaring it part of Jesus’ fold and experience peace greater than your highest imaginings.

The Cross of Jesus will protect you from all evil. You will be surrounded by His love, the love of all existences, the love of Spirit, God, of all Creation. As well Master Jesus lends through this energy, not only special protection, but a share of His mighty courage, so that you are supernaturally strong and of great courage should you face any enemy or dangerous situation, calamity, crisis, temptation, fearlessly making you invincible against any enemy of your soul.

This energy brings you peace to your soul, feelings of being protected, safe and free, knowing that Jesus and the Angels are watching over you, caring for you, making sure that you do not fall, to assist you when you feel weak, to be with you when you feel alone, tired, worn. 

No matter what type of abandonment or rejection you may have experienced in your life you can receive healing through the Holy Cross Protection Empowerment for you will never be abandoned by the Cross, Jesus and the Angels, as they love you so much and surround you in this loving protection.

You can use the energy to assist you if you are sick for healing and restoration of health and life to you. Apply the energy for any incapacity or debilitation by pain, sickness, and disease. Activate the energy when in need of hope, to turn away from temptation, addiction, error, self sabotaging behavior, and more.

This beautiful energy has a cleansing property as well and will cleanse from and repel evil, impurity, as well as karma/sin. The symbol of the holy cross can be used to cleanse any belonging, possession, location, person, thing, place, for purpose of purification and blessing.

The power of Jesus’ blessing will poured into you, purifying you as a vessel of Divine Grace and allow you the ability, power and authority to use the energy as you are guided, to dispel demons, entities, sicknesses, and the like. This includes pestilent spirit, corrupting atmosphere, evil, entities, hidden enemies, darkness, or threat of any kind.

The Holy Cross Protection Empowerment has preservative and healing properties. You may use it to bless water and make it holy, or to bless salt, incense, frankincense, myrrh, candles, or oil, religious/spiritual metals/rosaries/crosses and the like, to as an instrument of grace to preserve you or others or places from the corruption of evil occurring, as in negative karma/sin/ungodly/unholy, sickness, demonic influence, to set aside someone or something as holy and sacred, and consecrate for holy and Godly purpose and the like.

You may use the energy to bless anything, your home, bedroom, thresholds to prevent burglary, cars for safety, home for safety, family for protection, strongholds, to drive away the power of evil and protect, to drive out demons, to anoint/heal the sick, anoint house banishing of evil, clients for healing, strength, protection if under demonic attack, and so much more. It can be used on doorways and lintels to seal your home and to seal spiritual portals in your work or home. 


Specific Protections:

Water, Fire, Flood, Storm, Firearms, Weapons of steel or iron

All weapons physical and spiritual

All things that would harm you

All Evil things, words and works

Attack or injury from any enemy or evil person or entity, demon, earth bound spirit, ghost, evil spirit, or the like.

Animal attack


False sentences, gossip, false tongues

Witchcraft, Voodoo, Black Magic, Spells, Curses, Enchantments, Dark Magic

Thieves, enemy or attackers, jealous persons

Misfortunes, Bad Luck

Assaults and Attacks of Demons


Every spirit of confusion

Lower natured emotions such as fear and guilt and the like

Discouragement, Hopelessness, Powerlessness

Evil Influences, powers of dark world, satan, enemies of Jesus

Defilement of the Mind, Body and Spirit

Disease, Pain, Health problems/issues

Thoughts of suicide, inferiority, and the like

Rejection, Abandonment Issues


Combine this energy with the  Blood of Jesus Empowerment as the two together are VERY powerful Divine energies! 


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