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Soul Part Detachment with Glorious Reoganization by Mariah- Unstick pieces of you that have been stuck, free pieces of you that have been stuck


Pre-requisite: To pass this system onto others you must be a Reiki Master

Soul Part Detachment with Glorious reorganization, by Mariah Windsong Couture, is an energy system that helps to unstick pieces of you that have been stuck in a configuration within you that was causing disruption to your natural joy, inner peace and ability to co-create with Divinity what you want in y our life here on Earth.

Sometimes there are parts of the soul which refuse to accept the energy that made it and will not align with the Eternal Sacred Source. Please be assured that your salvation, your eternal life is not at stake here. What is being disrupted is your peace and progression of enlightenment, as well as your ability to manifest Heaven on Earth for you. Eternal Sacred Source is the authority which determines whether there are many parts of your soul which are likely to continue to refuse unity with you. If Divine wisdom determines that you are being tortured by these parts and that it is not necessary to your soul's growth for you to endure this anymore, you will be mercifully set free from them and the adverse influence.

Soul Part Detachment also means that there were parts of you that were stuck together in ways that is uncomfortable, or causing inner conflict, those parts will detach from one another and be reorganized in a better way. With soul elixir and earth axiotonal alignment and galaxiatonal alignment energy functions.

There is so much more!

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