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Silver Cord Healing and Cleansing Session 180 Minutes


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Do you ever wonder if you are truly connected to the astral realm? Well you are most certainly. Your astral body is linked with your physical body by a silver cord. Every living person has a silver cord whether they are aware of it or not. So rest assured knowing that your physical body is joined with your astral self 24/7 as long as you remain on this planet. 

You are more than just a physical being. You are a multidimensional spiritual being that doesn’t hang out in a body all day long. While asleep you may travel off to uncharted territory and magical realms on the astral plane. Fortunately you can never stray to far as you have the silver cord to lead you back home to your body lying comfortably in your bed.


Your astral body is linked with your physical body by a silver cord.


The silver cord is often described as a long elastic cable made of light or energy. It appears to be approximately one inch in diameter and sparkles much like the tinsel on a Christmas tree. It is extremely strong and can stretch on and on practically forever, so you are not limited by distance in your astral travels.


You might consider the silver cord akin to a leash—albeit a very long one. It keeps you tethered to your physical earthly body while you roam about on the spiritual plane. Some mystics also refer to it as a sort of spiritual umbilical cord that keeps your soul and body connected. Whichever way you view it, it is comforting to know that you have a lifeline between these two bodies.

This session is designed to heal and clear, cleanse the silver cord. During the session any energetic problems, stagnant energy, energy leakage, deterioration, and blockage problems will be healed, cleared, repaired, released or cleansed depending on what is needed. This is important because the astral body as well as your physical body can feel these changes going on and should you have by example, energy leakage, this can cause a drain on both the physical body and the astral body. Stagnant energy will be released to allow the astral body to move and function at its normal rate rather than being slowed down by stagnant energy. Deterioration problems will be healed so that at the soul level, there are not any energy drains, and or pooling energy within the soul level patterns, the physical body and or the astral body.

Blockages will be removed so that they can no longer cause the physical body to suffer low vibrational energy flow and energy drains. During the session the energy flow will be restored to its proper level so that you have a healthy physical and astral body.




Having this session done will assist you with astral traveling and your own out of body experiences as this cord is so important for this type of work. The silver cord is your connection back to the physical body level. Thus, this session will restore high vibrational energy flow for your silver cord to make this transition easy for your own astral projection work. 


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