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50% OFF Re-discovering Your Divine Essence Healing Package 10 Ninety Minute Sessions


Reg price 399.99

It is essential for you to refine and tune your energy in order to thrive during these changing times. This package helps you to rediscover your Magnificence and manifest the Life of your Dreams. The barriers and beliefs that have held you back will be cleared and the doors to higher levels of success, joy and fulfillment in your life in 2013 and beyond will be opened.

These life transformational self-loving sessions will increase your ability to naturally RECEIVE the desires you do not feel worthy of in the physical world. You will heal the deepest parts of yourself and discover how to experience the greatest secret in the Universe inside YOU! By merging with your Divine Essence and finding unconditional love for yourself, you will shatter any self-sabotaging patterns and start attracting the relationships, abundance and happiness you deserve in life.

Are you ready to experience a massive transformation in your life?  Through these sessions you'll experience the most profound and deepest states of self appreciation, acceptance, approval and self love that you have ever felt before!  You'll be transforming those "unwanted" unlovable aspects of yourself into valuable resource states that are more confident, peaceful, and full of joy!

Each session is 90 minutes.

 Each session has a specific intention and focus, removes unique blockages, limiting thoughts and beliefs. You will also be activating certain frequencies at the DNA level and in your auric field.

1.      Victimization Removal- Victimization Frequency Removal Sessions help shift victimization cycles by releasing many personalities and energy configurations (Ids) of blaming others for our own unhappiness (being a victim). Victimization is one of the biggest programs running in people. People who have victimization imprints blame everyone and everything for their own unhappiness and “misfortunes”. Victims give their self power away and feel helpless in many situations.  Let go of victimization personalities, and activate your self-power. Be in charge and responsible for your own life creation.

2.      Guilt Removal- removing the highest priority guilt imprints. Guilt is one of the biggest blockages to joy and self-love, also one of the most used strategies to manipulate others or be manipulated. When you are completely clear of guilt there is no way anyone can put a guilt trip on you. Imagine what your life would be like when you clear the one thing you feel most feel guilty about. Clear guilt related to religion, God, sex, food, relationships, etc. Live in joy and embody your Higher self.

3.      Unconditional Love Activation- this session removes ids of judgment, hatred and activates the frequency of unconditional love so we can separate a person's behavior from their true essence. Embody the unconditional love frequencies from your Higher self and live in line with Source-will. Loving yourself is the greatest answer to your biggest problems and to becoming the master of your life! The more love you give yourself, the more others will naturally give their love to you. Having unstoppable love towards your self is also the essential secret for manifesting every dream you desire.  When you live from a place of self-love, you automatically regain the power to magically manifest those amazing opportunities, financial goals, ideal relationships, and outrageous opportunities into your life.  This high energetic frequency of self-love is irresistible to others, and naturally opens up other people's energy fields, causing them to want to support you in your manifestations.  When you are living from this vibration, everybody is naturally pulled towards you and truly supports you in making your dreams a reality. 

You will also experience...

A deep cleansing and clearing of the armor around your heart that has previously been blocking deep self-love.

A dramatic increase in the amount of self-acceptance you naturally and effortlessly feel as you go through life.

The ability to easily attract more loving, healthy, and supportive intimate relationships into your life.


4.      Higher Self-love Activation- Uncovering and merging with your Divine True Self, allowing you to see the beauty and perfection of who you. Remove imprints of self-hatred, diminishment, unworthiness, etc. and activate the highest frequencies of self love. Get rid of the need to look for love outside of yourself, this implies a lack and is not real love. Genuine love comes from within, be the source of love and experience the love frequencies from your Higher self. In this session I focus on removing all thehighest priority blockages for self-love and you will be infused with the highest love from your Divine Self. Recognize the Source of Absolute Love within you.  Your Divine Essence represents all that you are as a spiritual being expressing itself as the incredible human being you are.

5.      Fear Removal-  this session focuses on removing thought-forms, beliefs, ids. etc. that resonate with fear.  Transmute your greatest fears and restore the sacred wisdom that lies within you. Fear is an illusion that takes us away from the now where we are always safe.  Fear is a very low vibrating emotion that energizes our distorted beliefs, lowers our frequency and attract us to the people and situations that resonate with this low frequency, thus manifesting our fearful thoughts. Let go of fear of survival, not having money, not being successful, not being loved, not being approved, etc. Whatever fear you may have consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously we can transmute it. Live inexuberance, attain pure liberation and experience the ever present unconditional love from Source.

6.      Surrender Activation- I specially recommend this session for those who desire to surrender even more to their Higher self. This session activates surrender frequencies in your field and removes energetic blockages that won’t let you embody your Higher self. Let go of everything that is not in line with your full potential loving self, the need  for control and surrender to what is.  Become a reality lover, let go and flow with life.

7.      Relationship Karma Removal- often we physically separate from past relationships yet we are still tied to the other person by karmic ties and cords located throughout our chakras. If you desire to end a relationship in the highest of ways and receive the golden nuggets of wisdom from that relationship then this is a great session to do. Also if you desire to clear the karmic ties and loops in your current relationship to experience a more healthy relationship, wether it is with your partner, a family member, coworker, etc. I highly recommend this session.

8.      Material Abundance Manifestation- activate your DNA and auric field with the frequencies to attract and manifest thematerial abundance you desire.

9.      Accepting Inner and Outer Abundance- abundance comes from within, if for any reason you feel you don’t deserve unlimited abundance, this will be projected into your holographic reality. On the other hand you could have all the material abundance available and continue to feel like you lack something. There is much more to abundance than material possessions and money. Get rid of the beliefs, attitudes, feelings, thought-forms, etc. that are not letting you live in abundance and enjoy it. Get rid of poverty conscious ids, raise your wealth consciousness, activate the energy receiving conduits in your auric field. Experience and discover the state of inner and outer abundance.

10.  Energy Pathway Calibration Fitness- this session focuses on opening up all the nadis, meridians, and axiatonal lines so that your energy flows without any impedances throughout your body. This will not only assist you in your overall energy, but in being more flexible and powerful. The key to health is having a constant energy flow through your energy centers and entire auric field. This session will also help you in becoming more sensitive to subtle energies. Experience a new sense ofvitality, strength and endurance.





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