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50% OFF Soul Level Relationship Reading (Two Souls) - Access the Akashic Records - Soul Mate or Karma to Resolve? Drama or Drama Free?


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You will have a clear understanding of the relationship on a Soul-level as a result of this reading. Most people are willing to take this risk and fall in love no matter what the consequences are. But how nice would it be to predict if a relationship will work out or not before making the decision to get involved or deepen the relationship further. If you are not sure what to do about a relationship this is a good reading for you.

It's possible to make an accurate prediction of the nature and development of the relationship between two people based on the evaluation of their Soul Profiles, which includes their karmic contracts.

The Akashic Records contain the information on the background of each Soul on this planet. I will access this information and explore Your Soul background as well as the Soul background of Your Partner (or prospective partner). You might feel attracted or magnetized to a certain person… this often indicates a past life connection. Let's find out if there is one and what the nature of the connection is and more importantly how that affects this lifetime.

If there is, this would be a good indication of the structure that the relationship might have in this lifetime. There are several possibilities. You might have karma to resolve with this person. You might have had a Soul mate contract with this person — making the union a pleasant one without big dramas.


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