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MORE THAN 50% OFF Karmic Imprint Clearing Session 120 Minutes


Karmic Imprints Clearing

reg price 99.99

Karmic imprint clearings extract repetitive patterns of behavior, limiting beliefs,and old paradigms on all levels of awareness to allow your true self to make choices, instead of the currently running imprints.

Karmic Imprint clearings address more specific or personalized imprints that may havebeen collected from traumatic events, contracts, the DNA of your lineage, pastlives, your current life or your genetics.

The Karmic Imprints clearing removes the blocks that are limiting you from yourpure potential, from Self Actualization. You could have the ability to create whatever you desire. Most of us have been creating what we do not desire due to the subconscious beliefs running our reality. When there are unconscious beliefs that block our truth, it is difficult to focus and see results since we get stuck in a cycle of our thoughts, thereby creating the same situation over and over again. Sometimes we wonder why the same experience is happening to us. It is due to the beliefs/thoughts we think and feel since they create ourreality. It can be difficult to get to the root of a thought/belief which iswhere a Karmic Imprint clearing can be extremely helpful. A karmic imprint clearing assists with the removal of unwanted beliefs and thoughts that have been blocking your path. It removes those blockages so that you can create your desired life.

These sessions are done remotely so that as a practitioner there is less interference and a pure connection with your higher self can be made. The higher self determines what to remove. The blocks are then removed and dissolved into their mirror opposites allowing higher truths to emerge in their stead.

By removing the unconscious paradigms that have been operating your reality/hologram, one can then make conscious choices based on the desired outcome. If you are ready to let go of the old way and step into a new reality, this process is for you.

The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body can only release what you are currently ready to release. Each karmic imprint clearing removes a layer of limiting beliefs. Our Higher Self regulates how much we are willing to release. If we were to remove all limiting beliefs at once, our bodies would not be able to adjust the additional frequencies.  With each karmic imprint removal your destiny/destination changes because you are no longer feeling/thinking/believing the limiting beliefs, thus, your outer world adjusts to the changes one step at a time.

Examples of limiting beliefs that are removed in a karmic imprint clearing may include:




Obstacles that limit your intuitive abilities

Highest priority karmic imprints inherited from parents also during surgeries or birth

Blocks to higher senses/higher self

Blockages to cultivating unconditional self love/unconditional love for others

Blockages to your Personal Akashic Records



Physical blocks resulting in illness of the body

Mental blockages

Spiritual blockages

Emotional blockages


Pity for self or others

Belief that one can not have what they desire

Difficulty seeing truth vs. fear


Lack of faith in ones abilities

Mistrust in relationships

Feeling that 'others' are out to hurt


The belief that one needs to suffer



Blockages limiting Self Actualization

Father/Godcomplex: Concept that to dominate and control pleases God

Mother/GodComplex: defeated, can not decide when to create (pregnancy/birth). Need toplease or would like women to please spouse/men. Bitterness creates illnesses like cancer, suppressed anger, depression, grief, failure, and wrath. This Id can go inverted and then act as Father/God Complex example: have all the negative Father/God dominance and control issues.




BodyImage: belief that the body needs to look like what is portrayed by the media

Approval from others: Others approval is more important than their own

Looking for something….worth, value…. “outside” one self rather than within

Living outside the physical body: this can be due to trauma early in life, or when something happened that was too difficult to stay in the body so the spirit separates staying outside the body to avoid feeling, although living outside of the body we can loose our JOY for life itself

Fear-Aggression-Sadness Matrix: when fear is acted on with aggression that emotional chemistry will swing to sadness. When the fear is great, the aggression can be ruthless, which also leads to guilt, shame, depression.

Love- Hate Relationships: our higher self desires to absolve all love-hate polarized addictive relationships with former lovers from past lives. Nearly all hold this polarity in deep levels of the psyche.

Male- Image Complex, feeling as though a male looks, acts, feels, behaves with a macho attitude and disregard for others, feeling the need to controlsurroundings/others

Female Image complex, feeling as though a woman looks, acts, feels and behaves orshould behave a certain way that is shown in the collective as less than a man

Harsh self judgment: opposite of love

Chakra blocks

Blocks to manifesting your intent for this/these sessions

Attachments to the past which are holding you in the past thus not allowing the future to shine within your reality



Prenatal,womb and early childhood blockages

Removal of past relationships with friends, lovers and family that is no longer in alignment with your higher truths

Procrastination and Avoidance

Poverty Consciousness, the belief that there is lack of resources

Attachments to results

Blockages related to the divine balance of masculine and feminine

Obstacles to dullness, delusion, fears, doubts and worries

Blockages to restless energy and lack of concentration



Attachment to society’s views of what perfection is

If there are any specific beliefs that you would like to pinpoint and remove please advise prior to session. Contemplation of the limiting beliefs you prefer to have removed helps to expedite the clearing because your conscious mind is also a participant in the process. Limiting beliefs are removed on all levels of awareness with a quantum flux. We remove the frequency that was resonating with each limiting belief so that you can resonate with a more desired frequency and the results are empowering.

Karmic Imprint Clearing Preparation- Please find a calm and relaxed setting. Be in a meditative state, take a bath, sleep or find a quiet place where you are alone and undisturbed. It is suggested that you set your intent to release what no longer serves you. Please remember to set your intent on releasing the limiting beliefs which you may have previously held onto as truth.

After Care

Please listen and respect your body’s wishes. You may feel tired as your body is letting go of the old and accepting more light and frequencies into your field. Please be patient with your self as you adjust to the new frequency. Please stay hydrated as water is a conduit for energy. You may choose to take appropriate supplements to help the body with the transition. Baking soda and Epsom salt baths can also help your body to release the toxins.

The Results

You may feel clear and lighter than you have for many lifetimes as you have released parts of your karmic past. You may feel different as your body adjusts to your higher truths. You will be able to create the life you have always desired since you will have removed blocks that were creating your past. Karma is like an onion. You peel one karmic issue off and then another. It is a process and if you are dedicated to improvement, all layers/issues/negativebeliefs can be removed. They won’t all come off in one session as that could injure your DNA template. Your higher self allows you to hold as much frequency as your body can hold. It can take time to adjust to the frequency. Remember, you are purging out the old that you may have held for centuries. Be patient and please love your self.




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