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The Azure Ray of Avalon


The Azure Ray of Avalon

This is a brand New System that was released on January 12, 2009. The energy is wonderful! This system was channeled by Joanna who is also the founder of Brigid's Flame! If you liked the energies of Brighid's Flame you will love this one!

Joanna was gifted with this beautiful new Reiki system by Queen Argante of Avalon. This beautiful new attunement enables you to travel to your past lives to retrieve and learn from any past experiences. This provides the opportunity for you to use this knowledge in your life today!

It is an amazing energy for self growth and soul retrieval! The manual that Joanna wrote contains information on Queen Argante, the Symbol, The Azure Ray, and a very special stone that amplifies these energies!

You will be attuned to one beautiful symbol and the Azure Ray of Avalon to be used for healing any truths from your past, whether those truths are good or bad, so that you may move forward as a beautiful Being of Light in the present!

I am honored to be able to pass this new system on to all of you!

The purchaser of this system will receive the following:
The Azure Ray of Avalon Distance Attunement
The Azure Ray of Avalon Manual

Certificate with Lineage

You will receive manual, certificate and attunements.

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