Masters Healing Light Academy of Natural Healing and Spiritual Development


Ray Reading 18 Rays Course


founder: Anita Melchizedek

Ray Reading ? Experiencing the twelve rays and six Cosmic rays

The Ray Reading manual came about through The Melchizedek Ambassadors Training Program

(The MAT Program). The MAT Program , published in 2003, is essentially an accumulation of

Mystery School teachings that have previously been taught in ancient Egypt and Atlantis through

the Eye of Horus. Written in the form of guided visualizations, this program is based on an energy

system of initiations, rays, sacred geometry and the Qabalah. In addition to this, The MAT

Program takes these initiations to a new level, allowing for the possibility of a Cosmic ascension

journey into the Divine Unfolding Light of Mother/Father God through Jacob?s Ladder II and the

Cosmic rays.

The manual is 82 pages long and includes topics such as:

First ray of Will and Power

Second ray of Love-Wisdom

Third ray of Divine Intelligence

Fourth ray of Harmony through Conflict

Fifth ray of Concrete knowledge

Sixth ray of Devotion and Idealism

Seventh ray of Ceremonial Magic

Eighth ray of Transcendence

Ninth ray of Highest Potentials

Tenth ray of Divinity

Eleventh ray of Illumined Truth

Twelfth ray of One Unity Consciousness

Thirteenth ray of Solar Service

Fourteenth ray of Interstellar Service

Fifteenth ray of Galactic Service

Sixteenth ray of Intergalactic Service

Seventeenth ray of Universal Service

Eighteenth ray of Multi-Universal Service

The ray essence oils and physical dis-eases chart

You will receive manual, certificate, lineage and 18 attunements.

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