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DNA Reading - Channeled - Delivered by Email

$149.99 $199.99

The DNA Reading allows information to be revealed about your spiritual DNA so that we can through Spirit connect with your unique vibrational essence. This helps reveal the real you – and how to help you embrace the deepest feelings of your heart. Spirit will help you discover what really matters to you and what will make you happy. Spirit will connect with the real you, with your truth. This is a channeled reading. It may reveal information that comes to you as  a spiritual awakening, a state of higher consciousness though which you find inner peace, joy and love. Or it might be the knowledge that you can now realise your dreams, mend relationships, improve your finances, change what is no longer working, etc. Everyone is different. Everyone has their own truth and own purpose. The DNA readings are the first step in discovering your sacred beauty and divine perfection.


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