Masters Healing Light Academy of Natural Healing and Spiritual Development


The Energy and Magic of the Fairies Reiki Attunement - Activations of the third eye, heart chakras and root chakras




Founders: Demetruis and Andrae "Chisara" Baginski





Channels are opened to the Fairy World. Through this special attunement there are activations of the third eye, the heart chakras and the root chakras. Naturally the attunement works on all Chakras, trying to manufacture equilibrium between them, but special attention lies on the three Chakras specified above.





The Symbols work as gate keys to the various Fairy functions.





All Fairy kinds are in different age groups and experience stages. Although each kind has certain registration numbers, one cannot always recognize the individual Fairy by its appearance alone. You need a certain experience and much intuition to distinguish them. Thus, calmly listen to your intuition about what the Fairies have told you.





Most frequently very young Fairies come into contact with humans and they have not yet had many negative experiences. Accordingly, one can communicate with them more easily.





You will learn about a variety of Fairy Species, these are:





~ Nature Fairies ~



~ Metal Fairies ~



~ Air Fairies ~



~ Water Fairies ~



~ PSI Fairies ~



~ Light Fairies ~



~ Stone fairies ~



~ Chaos Fairies ~



~ Energy Fairies ~



~ Fire Fairies ~



~ Darkness Fairies ~



~ Ice Fairies ~





An attunement alone will not create contact with the Fairies, but gives you a closer relationship to them.





An attunement, however, can facilitate the introduction to them for you.





You must do this work for yourself; no one else can do this for you. Also practicing effective communication with the Fairies is left to you alone.

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