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Fairy Light Ray Key Attunement


Fairy Light Ray Key

The Fairy Light Ray Key is a"Reiki" system channeled by Stephanie Brail, the founder, inspired by the fairies. The purpose is to help you "lighten up" and have more joy and fun in your life. You'll learn some unique ways to get the energy going (the fairies are quite mischievous!). This is a simple, fun system that's sure to expand your outlook. They remind us that we, humans, take things way too seriously. It brings out your natural state of fun, joy and happiness! If you are gloomy, or feeling grouchy or grumpy, overwhelmed or working too much this energy can help you tremendously. This energy will help you get in touch with your child-like, free spirit, so that you can get more in touch with your playful side. This is an excellent manifestation tool as well because it helps us manifest what we want in our life without too much effort on our part!

You will receive an 11 page manual, attunement and certificate.

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