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DNA Healing Attunement Package Powerful Attunements PLUS BOGO

$249.99 $2,400.00


This DNA Healing package© includes many courses that are geared to heal various aspects of DNA.  Although there are no substitutions this is quite a bargain even IF you have received a few of the systems in this package. Here are the courses included in this package. If you purchased these individually it would cost more than 2400.00.

You will receive the manuals, distant attunements and one certificate for the package.

  1. Dragon Dance Core
  2. My Soul Lineage
  3. Light Concentration Increase Rays
  4. Hotsumu Futomani
  5. Karma Removal and Light Body Mantra
  6. Heart Vortex Energy
  7. Nautilus Spiral Chamber
  8.  The Hotsuma Futomani System
  9. Torsion Energetic Device (personal use)
  10. Torsion Energetic Device (Master Teacher Professional Use)
  11. Being an Angel
  12. Mitochondrial Shakti DNA Activation
  13. Divinoram Transmission
  14. DNA Rainbow Hologram Activation
  15. Rainbow Water Reiki
  16. Octahedron Light Activatioin
  17. Pink Light Vortex
  18. Silver Mist
  19. Cyrstalline Red Rainbow
  20. Lavendar Vortex
  21. DNA Flush Empowerment
  22. Pleiadian DNA Clearing and Activation Program
  23. DNA Shakti
  24. DNA Healing
  25. DNA 4 Success
  26. 12 Strand DNA Activation
  27. 24 Strand DNA Activation
  28. 36 Strand dna Activation
  29. Quantam Energetic Body
  30. Prismology
  31. 4 Holy Archangels
  32. Melchizedek Synthesis Ray
  33. Personal Cosmology
  34. Ocean Mother Full Moon
  35. Tibetan Reiki
  36. Kundalini Reiki 1-3 plus 6 boosters
  37. Deep Red Reiki
  38. Astro Reiki
  39. Miraculous Vessells
  40. Personal Bioforce Vibration
  41. Kundalini Reiki 2008
  42. KunGold Reiki Shakti
  43. Shamballa MD
  44. Shamballa 12D
  45. Atlantian Crystal Activation
  46. Sacred Crystal Ray
  47. Kundalini Quartz Essence
  48. First Life Level One
  49. First Life Level Two
  50. Fire Wheel Clearing and Shielding

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