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Ultimate Awakening & Opening Psychic Gifts Package Combo- 11 Powerful Healing Sessions plus Attunement package

$299.99 $2,700.00

 This offer may not be combined with any other offer.

Opening and Awakening Psychic Abilities Healing and Attunement Package Combo

There are 11- 90 Minute healing sessions in this package. There are many powerful attunements that are included to assist you in continuing to open and awaken psychic abilities through self healing. The attunements included in this offer are listed below the descriptions of the healing sessions.

Session One: Removing blocks/Opening to using Gifts and Abilities

This session modules on AwakeningSpiritual Gifts and Psychic Abilities covers:

Removing all blocks to the clientusing their Spiritual Gifts and Psychic Abilities. Opening the client to usingtheir spiritual gifts and psychic abilities. Programming the client withpositive core beliefs that make the client feel comfortable using theirSpiritual Gifts and Psychic Abilities.

Opening the client’s spiritual giftsand abilities one by one:

Session Two: Clairsentience-Thisspiritual gift translates to true feeling. It involves the "gut feeling" and so much more. When this gift is developed you will feel thetruth of a situation accurately not just have a feeling like something is wrongor right or have an impending sense of doom.

Session Three: Claircognizance- This spiritualgift translates to true knowing. It is also called prophetic knowing or theword of knowledge. Accurate knowledge of events and topics just seem to popinto your heal with this spiritual gift.

Session Four: Clairvoyance- Thisspiritual gift translates to sight. This gift involves visions and whendeveloped is the key gift involved in remote viewing.

Session Five Clairaudience- Thisspiritual gift translates to true hearing. You will be able to hear divineguidance. When this gift is developed you will hear your guides and couldpossibly be able to hear and communicate with other spiritual beings.

Session 6: Other psychic abilities-This module can be expanded to include other psychic abilities like:

Precognition- the ability to knowabout the future. Post cognition- This is the ability to know about the past. Psycometry-This is the ability to know things about people and/or events from touching anobject from a person or time period. Others- What ever ability you can think ofcan be open.

Session 7: Further SpiritualAdvancement: This session module is for clients that wish to fully be in theirspiritual power. This module opens up clients to their full spiritual power ina healthy balanced manner:

Masculine energy:

In this session module all blocks tothe client's masculine energy are removed. Masculine energy is the aggressiveenergy that begins the attainment of abundance. Masculine energy is theaggressive energy that initiates manifesting all that we desire in life.

Feminine Energy:

In this session module all blocks tothe client's feminine energy are removed. Feminine energy is the passive energythat allows the attainment of abundance through patiently allowing what wedeserve to come to us with gratitude. Feminine energy is the passive energythat allows the completion of the cycle of manifestation cycle all that wedesire in life by patiently allowing what we have created to come to us with gratitude.

Session 8: Committing to Path in Life:This session module is for people that are terrified at the very notion ofmaking major decisions that will form a/or shape the direction of theirlife.  This session module deals with:

Removing blocks to committing to apath in life. Programming the client with positive core beliefs of being opento committing to a path in life. Programming the client with positive corebeliefs of feeling confident about their life path decisions. Programming theclient with positive core beliefs of feeling divinely guided in their life pathdecisions. Programming the client with positive core beliefs of feelingdivinely supported in their life path decisions. Programming in an over allsense of knowing that their decisions are divinely guided and supported regardlessof what path they choose in life.

Session 9: Divine Life Purpose - Ourdivine life purpose is to bring out our special God given spiritual gifts andpsychic abilities. In this module we open the client to the possibility of thishigher purpose and remove the blocks to that higher purpose in life.

Session 10: Divine Life Mission - Ourdivine life mission is to bring our special God given spiritual gifts andpsychic abilities to the world. In this module we open the client to thepossibility living life with a purpose, open up the client to bringing theirgifts to the world and remove all blocks to bringing their gifts to the world.

Session 11: Attracting Spiritual/GiftedFriends & Communities to you find that your friends drag you down? Do youfeel that you have out grown your current group of friends? This session moduleis for those of you that are in the process of finding and forming new,healthy, loving, trustworthy and supportive friendships and spiritualcommunities.

Attunements included in this package are as follows:

You will receive the manuals, one certificate for the package and the attunements.

  1. Empress Tree Empowerment
  2. Emerald Womb
  3. Psychic and Spiritual Gifts of La Madama
  4. Psychic Messages Reiki
  5. Open the Path to Mediumship
  6. Intuition Validator
  7. Enhancing Intuition and Psychic Abilities Manifestation
  8. Mind Power Awakening
  9. Spiral Meditation Bug
  10. Energy Transference LightWork
  11. Guidance Reiki
  12. True Self Illumination
  13. Intuition Booster
  14. Discernment Flush Empowerment
  15. Inner Angel Awakening Empowerment
  16. Angel Guides Empowerment
  17. Indigo Third Eye Power System
  18. Angel Journey Activation Program (All 7 Activations)
  19. Journey to the Divine Self Activations (5) and Clearings (5)
  20. Psychic Gifts Flush Empowerment
  21. Spirit Guide Journey Activation Program (All 7 Activations)
  22. Higher Self Journey Activation Program (All 7 Activations)
  23. Multidimensional Awareness Clearing and Activation
  24. Channeling Flush Empowerment
  25. Angel Light Healing System
  26. Crystalline Body Matrix for Higher Self
  27. Telepathic Gene
  28. Hilarion Intuition
  29. Psychic Contamination Flush
  30. Silver STar Cosmic
  31. Psychic Orb
  32. Dream Voyage of the Swan
  33. Spiritual Animal Ascension Reiki
  34. Angels of the Earth Animal Healing
  35. Spiritual Animal Healer Program (All 6 Attunements)
  36. Crossroads Energy Empowerment
  37. Familiar SpiritsWhispers Energy
  38. Gypsy Magick Reiki
  39. Psychic Attunement
  40. Concentration Energy
  41. Inner Eye Empowerment
  42. Ajna Activation
  43. Ajna Lense
  44. Anja Chakra Flush
  45. White Dragon Reiki
  46. Intuition Reiki
  47. The Indigo Light Empowerment
  48. Intuition and Enorasis Empowerment
  49. Higher Level Intuition Enorasis Empowerment
  50. Light of the Archangels
  51. Life Path Empowerment
  52. Angels of Healing Reiki
  53. Stellar Atom Crystal Empowerment
  54. Phenacite Crystal Empowerment



There are no substitutions allowed. Even if you have received a few of the attunements on this list this is quite a bargain price for the services included.

Disclaimer Energy-Based Healing is not a replacement for regular medical care, rather it is a wonderful adjunct to it; continue to follow all advice and take all prescriptions as directed by your healthcare professionals. Tracey is not a medical doctor; therefore she cannot diagnose illnesses nor prescribe medications. By bidding on this auction, you openly acknowledge and accept these facts. The Reiki practitioner is not a physician and is not licensed by the state. Reiki serves only as a method of relaxation and stress reduction. The energy healing services provided by Tracey are non-invasive, safe, and objective. Our services are not a substitute for conventional medical treatment and medications. Tracey does not diagnose illness or disease nor prescribe medications. Any medical issues or concerns should be addressed with a qualified physician. As with all forms of healthcare, individual results vary and are not 100% guaranteed. Some clients may experience ?detoxification symptoms? or releases during the 24-48 hours following a session, which may be somewhat uncomfortable, particularly if a client has been experiencing chronic or heightened levels of stress. Any and all information exchanged relating to a treatment is educational in nature and is intended to help the client become more familiar and conscious of their own health status and is to be used at their own discretion. Any information imparted prior to, during, and/or following treatment is strictly confidential in nature and will not be shared with anyone without the client?s written permission, except as required by law. I understand that the energy services provided by Tracey represent a general energy balancing and are not intended to replace the advice or services offered by a medical doctor.

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