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Soul Mate or Twin Flame Blockage Removal Session - Remove the unconscious and pre-programmed Soul mate/twin flame blockages!


180 Minutes, split into Three 60 Minute Sessions

Regular price 199.99

The Soul Mate/Twin Flame Blockage Removal session will assist in removing the unconscious and pre-programmed “Soulmate or Twin Flame blockages” that cause relationship problems and inhibit the relationship between you and your twinflame/soul mate.

All Soul mate/Twin Flame blockages will be released. Healing will be given to the source of the blockages including all past relationship baggage, traumatic and painful events of betrayal, co-dependency, pain, drama, abandonment, rejection, fear of not being loved, to the emotional pain body and the like, from your past lifetimes with your soul mate and also in all relationships across all lifetimes.

This assists you in making space for your soul mate/twin flame, a loving, harmonious space, free of baggage of the past, so that you are not stuck in old karmic loops projecting those things onto your beloved soul mate/twin flame.

In session, receive special healing to dissolve negative mindsets, attitudes, and beliefs for all life relationship problems, and soulmate/twin flame blockages. Empowerment setting of positive life enhancing mindsets, attitudes and beliefs will take place.

Healing is given for past relationship problematic patterns so that they do not intrude on your soul mate/twin flame relationship. Assistance will be given to uplift your soul, heart, mind, body, to new heights of love, gratitude and appreciation leaving you feeling brighter, powerful and hopeful.

Your soul journey will your soul mate/twin flame will then be free to open to new horizons filled with opportunities to love unconditionally so that you enjoy a higher loving relationship. Energetic support is given to assist you in reinventing yourself so that your new, healthier self will attract the life of your dreams with your soul mate/twin flame, in love, peace and harmony.

This blockage removal includes a combination to release energy blockages that exist between you two from both directions. Many of these are carry overs from past lifetimes.

Often more than one session is required to clear all blockages as there are lifetimes of blockages and traumas, and the like, to be cleared. Trust your guidance as to how many sessions you may need for freedom from these blockages. This session is appropriate for those who know their twin flame/soul mate and or those who have yet to meet their twin flame/soul mate.


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