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Guilt Healing and Clearing Session - Release Guilt and Create the Life You Truly Desire


Session Duration: 90 Minutes

Regular price 99.99

Guilt is a feeling that everyone is familiar with. It can be described as "a bothered conscience" or "a feeling of culpability for offenses." We feel guilty when we feel responsible for an action that we regret. There are several types of guilt. People can feel ashamed, unworthy, or embarrassed about actions for which they are responsible. In this case, we refer to true guilt -- or guilt that is appropriate. However, true guilt is only one form of guilt. People can also feel guilty about events for which they are not responsible. This false guilt can be equally destructive, if not more so. Feeling guilty for events which are out of our control is often unproductive and detrimental.

Guilt is often a lifelong issue for many people. If you have been dealing with guilt, whether, true guilt or false guilt, in this session will help to release guilt and bring you freedom. Healing will be given for areas affected by carrying around guilt for your lifetime.. Related issues are normally grief, depression, poor self-esteem, poor self-image, physical and mental affects, blame, shame, remorse, regret, anxiety, insomnia, and the like.

There are often people in our lives that manipulate us by putting guilt trips on us just so they can get whatever they want from us. Unfortunately this is not only emotionally and mentally damaging, it is also toxic to our energetic fields. Thankfully this can be healed and released forever. Generally, by the time we realize that we have been forced or coerced into feeling guilty over time, the energetic problems, blocks and issues have already contaminated our energy fields.

During this clearing session you will be given freedom and healing from all of these negative and toxic energetic connections that have contaminated your energy fields. Areas affected will be healed, repaired, cleared, cleansed and then sealed so that the issues of guilt may not return. The result of which is that you will no longer have the burden of your guilt baggage to carry around with you. Thus, you are free to create and experience the life you truly desire in your heart of hearts.


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