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Self-Forgiveness Healing Session - Let go of the Guilt, Shame, Blame, and the Pain Forever


Session Duration : 90 Minutes

Regular Price 99.99

We’ve all probably heard the phrase “You should be ashamed of yourself” at some point! On a basic level, shame is the underlying and pervasive belief that one is somehow defective or unacceptable. It might be that they think they are “too much” in some way — too talkative, too shy, too unattractive, or too emotional. It might be that they think they are “not enough” in some way — not smart enough, not funny enough, not thin enough, or not cool enough. Usually, if a person is struggling with an excess of shame, they believe they are defective in many ways. They feel unworthy, unlovable, or “bad.”

Shame is usually accompanied by a physical reaction such as feeling flushed or experiencing physiological reactions from feeling anxious (i.e., stomach upset, nausea). The person who feels ashamed wants to hide from others or keep the thing he or she is ashamed of a secret. The anxiety they feel is related to their fear that they will be found out or exposed. The physical sensation of flushing often comes as a result of their belief that they’ve been “seen” and are being judged.

The sources of shame are varied. Some people develop shame as the result of having critical parents who told them – sometimes very directly and sometimes more indirectly – that they were not good enough in some way. Even the most loving parents can sometimes have expectations that leave a child feeling like they can’t measure up. Generally parents who are highly critical, verbally or emotionally abusive, and/or neglectful will raise children who feel they are not OK in some fundamental way. Some people develop shame because of peer interactions or through religious upbringing. Others seem to absorb it through shaming aspects of their culture or in relationships with a shaming partner. Finally, many individuals have the capacity to be quite harsh and self-critical and this promotes a strong and lasting sense of oneself as defective.

In this session shame, guilt, and pain will be released so that you feel more confident and genuine and capable of feeling compassion for yourself, and so that you can forgive yourself and find ways to be loving towards you. Healing will be given to the tendency to shame yourself. Conscious and or unconscious shaming thoughts, statements and or beliefs will be cleared and released and replaced with truth. As you experience the release of shame, guilt and pain, you are able to experience the healing balm of self-forgiveness so that you can move forward in your life. Healing energy will be applied to assist you in acting in ways that demonstrate that you are a person of worth and value so that you can operate in the world with worth. You will experience freedom from being trapped in a web of guilt, shame, and or self-loathing for past errors or indiscretions. The energetic support will help you embrace forgiveness for your errors or mistakes so that the past no longer controls your present. This session is not only about self-forgiveness, but also about self-love. The healing will bring forward a greater capacity to love and forgive yourself.



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