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Karmic Ties in Relationships Healing Package 10 Powerful 90 Minute Sessions


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Karmic Ties in Relationships Healing Package

10 Powerful 90 Minute Sessions

It is common for people to re-experience pastanalogical moments in relationships.  What happens is that they start re-acting these past experiences and projecting them to the other person. This creates a lot of drama and this is also why many people even though they have been in many different relationships with different people, their arguments,their reactions and the drama keep having a great deal of similarity. Think about it, would you really like to project to your present relationship all the past issues from your previous relationships?

Often people have asked me two questions when it comes to relationships. One questions is “what are the best sessions to clear past relationship baggage, close the chapter and manifest a higher frequency relationship?” And the other question is “how can I improve my present relationship?”

The answer is simple: clear ALL past analogical experiences with your past partner(s) or your current partner and replace these moments with the frequency of joy, cut ALL karmic ties and cords between you and the other and finally activate your DNA with the higher frequencies of what makes a harmonic relationship.

By clearing and cleansing yourself from all energetic ties and issues from the past you open yourself up to experience something new, in this case a brilliant relationship. By activating your DNA you will start to embody the frequencies that will be projected to your outer reality, in this case your partner. And if you are single the magnetic attraction principle will take over and in Divine Right Timing you will find yourself in a higher frequency relationship.

These series of sessions are designed with the specific intent to assist you in manifesting a higher frequency and harmonic relationship based on higher giving love.

There are many relationships that hold the potential for a genuine higher love yet they are greatly affected by past analogical moments, karmic imprints and the personalities that are spawned by Ids(Identities). Often these energetic distortions in our DNA and energetic fields can damage or even ruin a relationship by causing us to project these issues to our partner.

Couples who share genuine love work on improving their relationship, yet sadly most of the times there isn’t really a permanent shift and they get back to old dysfunctional behaviors, thoughts and attitude patterns because talking about things doesn’t really get to the cause of all the drama and frustration. If you don’t clear the Ids and imprints on all levels of your awareness including the neural net connections in your brain,you won’t have a permanent quantum release.

So these sessions can greatly assist people in making that permanent shift into brilliancy and a renewed sense of love and passion in their relationship. The key element in reality is that each person works as an individual, because in reality the other person is just a mirror of him/herself and the issues they perceive in the other are things they are to work on themselves.

Then as they work on their own issues and discover golden nuggets of wisdom, experience incredible shifts in attitude and awareness they can share these with their partner. This is the moment when usually two people start to realize that by fully acknowledging and respecting their partner’sindividuality and preferences a relationship can truly blossom. Each individual then experiences a sense of wholeness and then this is projected to their relationship. And if they have a family this has a huge impact in the entire family constellation as children love to see their parents happy.

The program for relationships is a very intense combination of clearings and activations composed of 10 unique sessions.

Session 1: Analogical Moments Release Session to clear ALL pastanalogical moments from a past or present relationship and Relationship Karma Clearing to cut all energetic cords and ties that you may have with the previous or current partner that are not for yourhighest good.

Session 2: Guilt Removal

Session 3: Past analogical experiences related to victimization and a victimization frequencies removal

Session 4: Unconditional LoveActivation and Healing

Session 5: Higher Frequency Brilliant Harmonic Relationship Mastery Manifestation Activation and healing

Session 6: Clearing all pastanalogical moments related to experiences of betrayal, fear of rejection and abandonment.

Session 7: Clearing Archetypes and karmic loops like the Compassionate People Persona, the Abandonment Possessiveness loop, the Martyr and Rescuer Archetypes.

Session 8: Clearing the Love and Hate Relationship karmic loop and the chemical/hormonal addictions to the emotions of redemption, hatred and self-pity. Clearing Co-dependency Ids that stem from the need to seek things outside of ourselves like love, approval and appreciation.

Session 9: The collective imprints of guilt towards sex, the concept of beauty both men and women have because of the fake beauty system men have created and collective information that men have regarding sex, beauty and external pleasure.  Also the collective beliefs regarding marriage, men and women, like men control the money, men are entitled to get as much sex they desire, women control sex, etc.

Session 10: Higher Self-love activation and healing


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