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Manifestation of Wealth, Abundance, Prosperity Healing Package 8 Powerful 60 Minute Sessions


8 Powerful 60 Minute Sessions

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As many of you are aware visualization and affirmations most of the time do not work. Why? Because if you have energetic blockages imprinted in your DNA, auric field and subconscious mind like poverty consciousness, lack, limitations, self-doubt, fears, procrastination, guilt and shame then no matter how many times you visualize and repeat the affirmations, deep down your subconscious mind is never going to believe them and they will never be projected onto your holographic reality.

And if by any chance it does manifest you will probably end up worst than before, unless the Ids., past analogical experiences and energy blockages that resonate with poverty consciousness, lack and limitation are transmuted.

These sessions will clear the highest priority energetic blockages for abundance like:

- Poverty consciousness, lack and limitation

- Shame and guilt (lowest frequency blockages for abundance)

- Fears of failure, success, making mistakes & being wrong, taking risks, loosing and not having enough money

- Unworthiness and undeservedness

- Low self confidence and low self-esteem

- Self sabotage & procrastination

- Activate your DNA, brain centers & the chakras with the frequencies of financial and material success

-And More!


 These sessions focus on clearing ALL past analogical moments related to the SOURCE of the fear of survival, to poverty consciousness, fear of undesirable results and any other past analogical experiences a person may have that represents a blockage for money to flow through their business/work.

One of the most important things for manifesting abundance is to first clear all past analogical moments to get you out of the cycles that keep projecting your past into your present reality. Once you clear these cycles you open the necessary space in your life to create new morebrilliant patterns and habits that resonate with wealth consciousness.

Second we proceed to program your DNA with the frequencies of accepting inner and outer abundance and remove any blockage you may have to receive unlimited abundance (i.e. guilt, unworthiness). Third we activate your DNA with thematerial abundance frequencies and finally through a Distant Transcendental Rebirthing session we can rebirth your intention for abundance.

Session 1: Analogical Release from undeservedness, unworthiness and poverty consciousness

Session 2: Acceptance of Inner and Outer Abundance DNA Activation

Session 3: Material Manifestation DNA Activation

Session 4: Transcendental Rebirthing Session for Abundance and Goals Manifestation

Session 5: Clearing the biggest blockage to success: the fear of undesirable results, past misperceived failures and the fear of being wrong or making mistakes. As well as cleaning the fear of achieving success itself :)

Session 6: Clearing pastanalogical experiences related to the fear of loosing and using money. Clear ancestral patterns of fight and flight regarding trade, finances, incomplete events and old debts both moral and economical.

Session 7: Clearing pastanalogical experiences related to finances with family members, spouses,partners and ex-partners in this and past lifetimes.

Session 8: Activating all your chakras, DNA Template and morphogenetic field for the Access to the Law of Abundance Portal Key.


The only true way to manifest inner and outer abundance is to transmute all energetic blockages that keep you from this and THEN program your DNA and subconscious mind with the frequencies of wealth and abundance. Only then will your inner reality will be aligned with your outer reality. Through these sessions the Higher Self and subconscious mind will be worked with to transmute the highest priority Ids, imprints and past analogical experiences that are blocking you from manifesting inner and outer abundance. Then programming your DNA with the frequencies to manifest financial, material and the state of inner abundance.

These sessions assist you in experiencing a shift in awareness and manifesting abundance in your life. What will happen is that you will start to project new frequencies that resonate with abundance thus you will start to attract new opportunities, clients, contracts, etc.

Your Higher Self will also guide you by giving you new ideas and insights regarding what to do next and how to take action to create this state of abundance. Taking actionis a key element when it comes to manifestation as this sets in motion the higher frequencies. Each session is unique in itself and they all complement each other to give you a holistic approach of clearings for a new brilliant state of abundance and wealth consciousness.




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