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The Healing Peace and Love of the Angels 90 Minute Healing Session


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Experience the exquisite peace and infinite love of the angelic realm as you allow your guardian angels, angels and the archangels to provide energy healing, and empower you to make positive changes in your life.

Open your heart to the possibility of healing on many levels in this beautiful, channeled process that is overlighted by your Higher Self. This Healing Session is an opportunity for you to receive healing on a personal level with the angels who are present to support you in your daily life.

Across all spiritual traditions, angels have appeared as messengers of the Divine, and have served as helpers in personal growth and healing. This session allows the archangels, angels, and guardian angels to offer healing to any area of your life, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

You can focus on a specific issue or set the intention to what is most in need of healing. Each Healing Session will powerfully heal areas of your life.

Is there something you’d like to work on? Are you feeling any pain or discomfort in the physical body? Are there any emotions, stresses, or situations that you’d like to release? Would you like to release past life issues, habits, or thought patterns? These are just a few of the areas that your Guardian Angels, Angels, Archangels, can aid you in healing.

This healing sessions works with your guardian angels, the Archangels and Angels, and your own ability to create balance on mind, body, and spirit levels.

If you are ready to create change in your life and spiritual body in a gentle, holistic way this session is for you. During the session the Angels will do a clearing of the energy field and energy centers as well as "Cord Cutting"--cutting energetic cords to people and situations that are draining your energy.

Angels and Archangels have limitless healing capabilities, their healing energy is powerful. Angels heal effectively, instantly and permanently. Their abilities are limitless and their desire to help you can free you from every issue, situation, physical or emotional pain known to us. They need only your permission to remove these issues and your willingness to fully release any pain or issue you have experienced to the Light for transmutation.

This Healing session is extremely relaxing, and leaves you with a feeling of peace and well being. It cleanses the chakras and aura, and dissolves any blocks in the body and the body’s etheric layers. The physical body is a consequence of the etheric body. The etheric body is really the energy field that controls the development and the operation of the physical body. This etheric body survives the demise of the physical body; it’s called the spiritual body. The etheric body, then, has within it the template of the physical body. The physical is the expression of the etheric. The Angel's energy work on the human energy field, helping to rebalance the Chakra system and allowing energy to move more freely through the body, which in turns assists the body’s natural healing process.

After only one session, there is a notable difference in wellbeing and frame of mind. Some clients might experience seeing lights or even angels during a healing session.  


This works on a physical and an emotional level, so this type of treatment is also suitable for:


• Chakra Cleansing, balancing and re-aligning

• Helping to recognize and clear any emotional issues

• Helping to stimulate the immune system

• Boosting energy levels

• Sensing of well being and being at peace

• Assisting the body’s natural detoxification processes

• Helping to relieve from stress and anxiety

• Relaxation and revitalization of body and mind and spirit


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