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Self-Worth Healing and Clearing Session -


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This 90 Minute Self-Worth Healing and Clearing session © is for those who wish to begin really recognizing their True Worth, Unleash Limitless Personal Power and Achieve Highest Potential for A Life of Freedom, Love, Abundance and Happiness.

Did you know you are an amazing, beautiful and powerful person? If you need help with issues below this session is going to be very powerful for you!

Truly loving and honoring yourself

Being filled with confidence and an unshakable belief in your abilities

Releasing doubt in self

Self-Sabotage behaviors such as criticizing yourself

Limiting thoughts such as ‘I am going to fail’ or ‘I don’t deserve this’ or ‘Nobody loves me.’

Treating yourself with disrespect and distain.

Self Care

Treating yourself with patience, compassion, love and respect

Making your relationship to yourself a priority

Self-worth is all about working on increasing the positive self-worth energy within your energy patterns which results in a positive mindset, subconscious connections, as well as the connections to yourself love, self-esteem, self-confidence and acceptance energy patterns. Self-worth in your life can help not only within the physical, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well.

In this session blocks and issues such as these will be released so that you stop diminishing your incredible and unique personal power and you feel confident, peaceful and sure of who you are and your path. How you think, feel and connect with yourself is absolutely critical because if you don’t get this right, every other relationship in your life will fail.

Clearing out the issues from within the energy fields that are holding the energy flow back is so important because it allows the positive energy to fill and move freely at a high and vibrant manner. In session these negative, low vibration, energy patterns will be re-scripted to create a positive energy flow , removing g any negative energy patterns, healing and repairing problem areas as well as creating a higher vibrating energy from the Divine Source to boost your self-worth in all areas of your life.


Blocks such as fear will be removed so that you live with authentic joy and confidence, free to share your unique skills, abilities, gifts, with the world. Blocks to recognizing your own value will be released so that you realize what a treasure you really are. Issues of uncertainty and low self worth will receive clearing and healing so that you can hear the voice of your Higher Self, the aspect of you that is fearless, loving, kind and full of wisdom.

If you no longer wish to be chained to a lesser life, depriving yourself and the world of who you truly are and what you are meant to give, then this session is a must have for you. Stop turning away your Higher Self, by treating yourself with anything less than love and compassion. Send out the light within you and radiate your personal power for all to see. Dissolve your limiting beliefs so you can live your true potential!


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