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50% OFF Love Forecast for A Lost Relationship Email Reading


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This channeled reading is for when you have broken up with someone and lost the relationship but you are wondering if it is the end or if there is going to be reconciliation. The reading will answer the following questions.

  • Is the relationship over or is there going to be reconciliation?

  • If not, is there someone new coming into your life?

  • If yes, when and how

  • If there is going to be reconciliation when and how will this come about

  • What does the other person want for the future of the relationship?

  • Guidance on how to clear these blocks.
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  • What blocks are keeping us apart?

  • What the other person is thinking and feeling about the relationship now?

  • Guidance on preparing for reconciliation or moving forward.

The reading is lengthy, detailed, and includes much information. It will answer these questions and more! The reading will be delivered to your email box!

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