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50% OFF Surrounded By Angels Reading - Channeled


Surrounded by Angels Reading

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We Are Surrounded By
Angels at All Times

We are always surrounded by Angels, whether we realize it or not. Some people tell me that they can't feel their Angels and have no proof that they have Angels with them. They feel alone and abandoned by their Angelic helpers.

After their Angel Reading, they realize that they have always felt their Angels loving presence; they just did not recognize them. The Angels will always let you know that they are there and that they care with messages that touch your soul and delight your spirit. They will let you know which Angels surround you all the time. If there is a particular position that they take around you they will let you know so that you know where they are at all times. They never leave you.

A Surrounded by Angels Reading is Always
a Positive Experience.

It is comforting to know that we have Angels who are there to assist us at all times. Life on Earth can be very difficult and many times we feel that we have no one on our side to support and love us.

An Angel Reading will help you to connect with your Angels and learn to receive their loving guidance.

Learn How Many Angels You Have

In a Surrounded by Angels Reading, I will introduce you to your personal Angels, those that are most often with you. We all have Angels with us at all times. During your Surrounded by Angels Reading, I will tell you how many Angels are with you at this time and how many Angels are waiting to join you when the time is right.

Most people have at least 7 Angels (this does not include your Guardian Angels as they are a distinct group of their own) with them at all times. As we grow and progress along our path, other Angels will join us to help us at that point in our lives.

I will also tell you in your Angel Reading how you can access their loving, protective energy.

You will learn if your Angel has a feminine energy, a male energy or an androgynous energy. I will tell you why each Angel is with you and what their purpose is in your life. During your Angel Reading, I will share with you any messages your Angels have for you. I will describe for you in full detail whatever I see, hear, feel or sense in the reading. If your Angel makes an appearance and or gives me their name I will share this information with you. If your Angel has a message for you I will also pass this information along to you. If you have specific questions for your Angels you may ask two to four questions or trust them to deliver insight into whatever you need on your journey at this time.

How Can I Benefit From a Surrounded by Angels Reading?

Meeting with your Angels will empower you to make decisions in your life and move forward. You will have no doubt that your Angels are always with you, offering love and guidance at all times. You really are never alone. All you must do is open the door to your heart and mind and your Angels will help you find answers to life's troubles.

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