Masters Healing Light Academy of Natural Healing and Spiritual Development


Kabbalah Healing Reiki Course




Founder: Bro. David Paul, chc

"Some people believe that when Moses brought down the ten commandments from Mount Sinai he also brought with him oral law or Kabbalah which became known as a secret oral tradition which claimed to know the true meaning of the Torah which has hidden messages," according to Bro. David Paul chc.

This Kabbalah Healing Reiki course merges the mysticism of Kabbalah with the energies of Reiki in a single attunement. In this course you will learn to use chi energy ball techniques and Kabbalah symbols to heal and empower yourself and others.


In the manual you will learn the following:


History of Kabbalah


The Merkaba breath meditation.


Kabbalah and Healing


Art of Healing


The Law of Three


Generating Heartbeats


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