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Soul Reading - Understanding Your Specific Life Purpose Reading

$99.99 $199.99

"Soul Reading " * 

*The Next Step on Your Eternal Journey-Understanding the purpose for this Incarnation- Delivered Via Email*

A soul reading helps you to know you and your soul's energy so that you can reach your highest potential as a Soul. This is a deeply spiritual reading that will aid your spiritual growth and soul evolution, help you achieve balance and true happiness.

As you seek to understand what you are here to do in this life this will better help you to live happy, joyous and free, enjoying your eternal journey. The soul reading is an in depth reading, including lots of information and details, is lengthy, and delves into information about what your soul came to do in this life.

The channelled information may include your spiritual gifts and abilities, or review karmic lessons, or perhaps what you came to the earth plane to accomplish, and how you can reach the shore of this destination.

It may include life lessons or challenges, any divine merits or assets that you brought with you in this life, and or may include how you can deepen your connection to Spirit, to establish contact with your inner guidance. Spirit may give you information about how you are doing in relationship to your soul purpose.

Whatever your specific areas of concern with regard to your soul purpose, please let me know as I will concentrate on three areas of concern for you or if you choose we can allow Spirit to just give you what three areas of information is most important to your soul at this time.

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