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Where is My Soul Mate? 10 Question Reading delivered by Email


regular price 149.99

* Where is My Soul Mate? 10 Question Reading delivered by Email *

This particular auction is for a Soul Mate reading via email which includes answers to your top 10 questions about your soul mate. The reading is specific and detailed. This reading includes lots of information.

Here are some examples of the questions I most often receive. You may ask any 10 questions which you desire to know about your soul mate.

  • What does my soul mate look like?
  • What type of work does my soul mate do? Is there financially stability and security?
  • Do we have a past life connection?
  • How would my soul mate be described by others?
  • How can we meet?
  • When will we meet?
  • Is my soul mate someone I already know or someone new?
  • Where does my soul mate live ?
  • Does my soul mate love animals, have any pets?
  • Does my soul mate desire a family?
  • What type of character does my soul mate have?

Whatever your 10 questions they will be answered specifically in email.

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