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Insecurity Clearing and Healing Session - Release Insecurity and Manifest the BEST circumstances for your life and feel confident in who you are!


Session Duration: 90 Minutes

Regular price: 99.99

Do you feel intimidated by  your co-workers, your boss, your friends or family? Do you feel intimidated about applying for your dream job, about starting a new hobby, joining a new club or starting your own business?

The Insecurity Clearing and Healing Session© will help you to clear these feelings inside of you so that you can manifest the best circumstances for your life and feel confident in who you are. The session energy will disolve painful feelings of intimidation or insecurity, release feelings of feeling intimidated mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually. Unconscious negative thoughts feelings will be removed so you can release feeling like other people are bigger or better than you. As well as releasing negative unconscious patterns like constantly saying "I'm sorry" when you have nothing to be sorry about so that you no longer have to hide the greatness, the fierceness, the boldness that lives inside you, and no longer have to quiver inside as others seemingly tower over you. 

The Insecurity Clearing and Healing session© supports you in knowing that everything you need is right inside you, bringing out your inner strength as the foundation for survival. It can help you rest confidently into this expanded sense of yourself bringing a sense of being integrated with the power of your inner self. A real sense of security and confidence emanate from this center.

Perhaps at the root of most issues of insecurity is an inability to know with our heart that we have been created in the image of our Creator and that we are perfect just as we are. Even when we make mistakes it is possible to feel remorse and know that mistakes are a path of discovery.  The session works on helping you embrace this kind of self-acceptance.


The energy supports you in letting go of a negative self-image.This session is especially helpful when feeling burdened and invested in victim consciousness as it brings forward the grace of transcendence, helping release the negativity to the higher force for transmutation. It clears the way for us to see that at our center, we are the light. The security of knowing ourselves as perfect gives us the opportunity to feel secure in our responses to life.

During the Insecurity Clearing and Healing session© healing energy will help you to feel safe enough to allow changes to happen without needing to control everything around you opening the way to allowing your inner child to bring you the excitement of discovery and the magic of wonder as you encounter new situations.


Those who had a dysfunctional childhood may have learned to try to control situations in order to feel safe and secure. Some of us had to grow up too quickly and leave the child behind. This session will restore the wisdom and wonder of childhood so you can use your child's open perspective to create interest and confidence, establish ease and confidence to assimilate new ideas and experiences.

One area that can create the feeling of insecurity is when we have to deal with issues that leave us feeling intimidated. Most of us tend to run the opposite direction or use a strategy that allows us to avoid the situation or issue. We all have self-protective conditioning that helps us stay in denial or avoidance. This session will release tendency to avoid, deny, situations that leave us feeling insecure, or activate your insecuirty.

The energy of this session gently but firmly supports for fortifying your determination and will to consciously confront life directly. It redirects your avoidance patterns to ones of positive response and action, helping you access the inner confidence to calmly and clearly deal with emotional issues with thought that is unclouded by emotional reactivity. This is an empowering session that helps you face and resolve anything. By facing what you least wanted to, you find confidence to handle almost anything in life.

For some of us, insecurity stems from having a fatalistic attitude towards life. We feel that the world and our environment are unsupportive or even hostile so this session helps change this defeatist pattern. It brings the experience that the universe supports you abundantly with what you need.


I have found that many folks have a fear or terror of speaking out that is linked to a sense that in a past life they were tormented or tortured for doing so and in this session these deep level types of fears and insecurities will be released so that you can live more in the present from the reality of what you life now holds enhancing your ability to express your needs with confidence so you can relate to others in a harmonious way.

Sometimes insecurity results from feeling victimized by your powerful emotions. Haven't you had a sudden eruption of an emotion that seems to come out of nowhere? It is the type of emotional reaction that is out of proportion to a situation so the energy works to help you to develop confidence and security in your emotional reactions bringing you acceptance of your emotions, especially when they originate from unprocessed situations from the past. 

Some insecurity results from not getting emotional needs met in childhood, such as nurturance, affection and love. Therefore the energy supports you in self mothering, so that you do not seperate yourself from others and experience connectedness with others, and are receptive to love. It will bring you joy and freedom as you experience the Mother inside you and heal through Her love. This will open the channel to receiving love from others.

Copyright ©2014 Masters Healing Light Academy

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