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Business Group Dynamics Healing and Clearing Session


Business Group Dynamics Session

Session Duration: 180 Minutes

Regular price 199.99


Your business is a form of energy and consciousness in and of itself, created from those who own, run and are  connected to the business. If there are unresolved issues in the groups of people, there will be unresolved issues in the business, continuously creating layers of undesirable outcomes. In this session the energy will focus on the groups of people within the business and the business energy itself to clear, release and heal the issues so everything and everyone can serve the desired mission. The healing energy supports maintaining these harmonious changes and bringing awareness, truth and heart into the business. When we are in group dynamics, there are people you’ve had past lives with. This can be both positive and negative and both will be enhanced. When issues have not healed, they repeat until they are. This affects the ways in which you relate to each other presently, creating undesired outcomes and compounded issues. Not knowing what the issues are, the emotional pain continues to cycle through the group. In this session negative, dysfunctional group dynamics and ways of relating will be cleared so that what needs to be reconciled and healed, can be healed and everyone can relate with each other in present-day connection and creation. The energy supports the group so that they can work together in more cohesive, synergistic, inspiring ways and focus on what’s truly needed today for success.

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