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Channeled Relationship Angel Reading - Allow the Angels to Reveal to you where the relationship is heading, the purpose, how you can remove blocks...


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In this reading I'll channel the angels help so that you can see where your relationship is heading. The angels will reveal to you the purpose of this relationship, how you can change any blocks that hinder its growth, and receive angelic guidance for this relationship in your life. The Angels can reveal to you what the other person is thinking and feeling at this time.


They can share with you if there are any issues from the past or present that are affecting the relationship. If the relationship has been troubled the Angels can tell you if it will be restored or if it is time to release it and move forward. The Angels will tell you what kind of connection you share and if this connection is strong enough to be long term despite any present obstacles.


It will also show how you can best help yourself in order to make decisions you feel comfortable with for your concerns about the relationship. If there is something you can do to create a more positive relationship, the angels will guide you towards that. The Angels can assist you in maintaining harmony in your relationship.


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