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Ascended Master Kuthumi Empowerment by Daelyn Wolf - Assistance, Guidance, Healing, Spiritual Comfort, Clear the path, See the Light


Ascended Master Kuthumi Empowerment This connection of energy from Master Kuthumi comes from my own personal experience with him. Many years ago I began working with Master Kuthumi and even now, whenever I need assistance with anything, I call on him to guide me and heal the situation. I feel that Master Kuthumi works with each person according to their own energies. But he is always direct and clear and to the point. He magickal lightwork comes to you in the most direct way with the least resistance. You will learn what I have learned from Master Kuthumi in this manual. It is not the same old stuff you read over and over on the internet. This is what he has give me and what he asks me to share with those who would like to work with him and his energies. Ascended Master Kuthumi will connect with you quickly and easily through these energies of this attunement. And he will offer you assistance, guidance, healing, and spiritual comfort in your time of need. He will help you clear the path and see the light.

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