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Trauma Healing Flush 2015 by Hari - process traumatic memories, attain approach, healthy point of view, see things in a new light, heal emotions


Trauma Healing Flush 2015 by  Hari Winarso helps us to process traumatic memories and attain new approach towards the situation, new healthy point of view. It helps us to reconnect to traumatic experience stored in isolated memory network with more adaptive, positive and realistic informations contained in our other memory networks. The flush can assist with relieving traumas, helping us to find a new pathway or seeing things in anew light. It also heals emotions instead of painful felings and sensory disorders through the process of healing, we get new position emotions of love, joy, and compassion as well as a feeling of relief and freedom. It will transmute negative energies of emotions into positive.

WHAT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN “Trauma  Healing FLUSH” AND “Trauma Healing FLUSH 2015” :



Technically, there is no difference between the two, the difference is in the Trauma Healing Flush 2015, the energy 3 times unfold than Trauma Healing Flush. That’s why done to receive attunement of Trauma Healing Flush is a prerequisite here, because the energy of it is very important as basic to unfolding the energy to the Trauma Healing Flush 2015.






With your purchase you will receive the Trauma Healing Flush 2015 manual, attunement to Trauma Healing Flush which is a pre-requisite, and also to Trauma Healing Flush which is over 3 times stronger than the original energy, and a certificate.


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