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Navigating Through Transition, Transformation, Change Attunement Package - Harness potential for personal growth, new directions, positive solutions!

$199.99 $2,700.00


Navigating Through Transition, Transformation and Change Attunement Package©

With your purchase you will receive an attunement package of equal or lesser value.

It’s true that life is a journey. We may go through miles and miles of smooth and clear highways with great scenery and idyllic weather conditions. There may be times however, when we hit bumps in the road, torrential downpours and unpredictable road construction which can not only slow us down, but in some cases may change our route or stop us entirely. At those times, we may need to alter our route or redirect and reshape our plans.

 Transitions are those changes that we encounter as each of us travels our individual journey through life. There are many changes that happen to us, or that we may cause. Those changes will inspire choices and changes throughout our lives. These attunements have been put together in one package to support you in your life journey through all the transitions, transformations and changes so that you can make the most out of the changes you experience.

Whether we initiate change or it is thrust upon us, our values, self-worth and identity can be radically challenged in the process. Loss of a job, death of a loved one, or retirement are a few examples of changes requiring major energetic adjustments. This package is designed to help you to successfully navigate through times of uncertainty and upheaval, giving you energetic to support you in the stages of transition, transformation and change. Harness the potential for personal growth, new directions, and positive solutions these energies provide! The retail value of this package is over 2700.00.


This attunement package is not meant to be a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis, medication, etc, but more of a compliment to professional medical plans of treatment and prevention and should never take the place of medical or psychological care by a licensed professional.

This offer may not be combined with any other offer. With your purchase you will the manuals and distant attunements. One Certificate for the package will also be provided. There are no substitutions allowed. Even if you received some of the manuals in this package this is quite a bargain as the systems included are valued at over $2700.00.

No substitutions. Includes distant attunement, manual and a certificate for the package


The attunements included in this package are:

  1. Starlight Energy
  2. Personal Power LightWork Reiki
  3. Essential Divine Light
  4. Breaking the Chains reiki
  5. Freedom Light
  6. Be in the Now
  7. Absolute Confidence
  8. Bizarre Beliefs Bouncer
  9. Clear Decisiveness
  10. Sheen Osbian Shakti
  11. Pure Light Frequency
  12. Peace Love Download
  13. Ascended Master Kuthumi Attunement
  14. Dark Side Flush
  15. Mind Control Resistance Rays
  16. Rapid Growth Illumination
  17. Seasons of Change Reiki
  18. Past Issue Release
  19. Self Resurrection Light
  20. Phoenix Light Reiki
  21. Old Energies Release
  22. Divine Guidance In Decisions
  23. Inner Spirit Empowerment
  24. Everyday Manifesting
  25. Transmutation Violet
  26. True Self Illumination
  27. Releasing the Chaos of Change
  28. Smooth Transitions
  29. Light of Transitions
  30. Transformation Guide Spirit Energy
  31. Celestial Violet Energy
  32. Ascendency Energy 999
  33. Ascensions Symptoms
  34. Recovery Reiki
  35. One Day at a Time Reiki
  36. Turn Around Reiki
  37. Renew, Rebirth Healing
  38. Manifesting True Change
  39. Aura Painting Reiki
  40. Independence Empowerment
  41. Acclimation Rays
  42. Anemone Shakti
  43. Curing Mind Fog
  44. Etherial Emerald Green
  45. Energetic Beam Purification
  46. Alchemy Reiki
  47. Triple Warmer Meridian Care
  48. Happy New Year, New Beginnings Empowerment
  49. Wonder of the Tree Frog
  50. Winter Solstice empowerment
  51. Silver Violet Flame
  52. Akashic Records Attunement
  53. Dance of Joy Reiki
  54. Golden Dove Healing
  55. Soul Mate Connection Essence
  56. Golden Growth Accelerator
  57. Goddess Etaine
  58. Blessings of Swan Goddess Caer
  59. Multidimensional Awareness Clearing
  60. Archangel Nathanial Quantum Leap
  61. Firebird Vortex
  62. Divine Aquatic Energy
  63. Transformational Link Energy
  64. Charoite Light Higher Force
  65. Self Knowledge Rays
  66. New Energetic Transformation
  67. Chepren 999
  68. Butterfly and Mother reiki
  69. Serpent Transformation
  70. Etheric Manifestation
  71. Heart of Thnder
  72. Amazing Champ
  73. Force Light High Frequency
  74. Emergence Reiki
  75. Heaven Love Beautiful Vibration
  76. Lucid Ray Platinum Radiation
  77. Labadorite Sphere
  78. Social Outcast Reversal

Masters Healing Light Academy © 2015

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