Unicorn's Magic by Gaby Solina Grill-Mitterhofer- Initiated to the Magic of the Unicorns!



Founder : Gaby Solina Grill-Mitterhofer

A high-energy activation system of New Age.

It requires the anchoring of awakening energy frequency 999 in your light body!

In this high-energy activation you will be initiated to the magic of unicorns. Your inner child and unicorns will be connected. During this activation you will step into the dimensional gate to the Otherworld if your soul is ready.

The gates are already open; unicorns are coming back to Lady Gaia enchanting us, they are just waiting for your intention. The crystal unicorn SA’FIRA of the Otherworld is waiting for you there

The magic of unicorns is gentle but powerful, it wears a mysterious magic in it. A loving longing in our heart burns a longing of your inner child.

The color of unicorn’s magic is white-golden. With magic and loving power of unicorns you can heal yourself if your soul allows it.

As a mage of Unicorn’s Magic you can heal every living being calling in unicorns in unconditional love and asking them to heal. The unicorns are always by your side, play with them like a child, they will thank you in love and connection.

Stride through the gate to the Otherworld. It is the way that is suitable for you!

SA`FIRA is waiting for you in the Otherworld. It is a crystal unicorn, a master of magic.


You will be guided to crystal temples, countless Unicorns are gathered there , they are waiting for you full of love and joy.

Feel this wonderful magic with your heart and your soul.




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