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Founded by Dr. Rev. Tracey Loper, DD

With your purchase you will receive this beautiful attunement directly from Tracey, the Founder, as well as the manual, and a certificate.

Copyright ©2015 Tracey Loper

This system is not eligible as part of any package offer, special, buy one get one offer or sale offer.

This system should never be offered by exchange.

 The Spikenard Anointing and Blessing will be poured over you by Ascended Master Jesus as you receive the energy of the Jesus‘ Spikenard Anointing Blessing Empowerment. You will be surrounded by the Light of God. This gift is given from Jesus so that you can live a life that is rich with a sweet, heavenly fragrance, allowing you to possess this heavenly fragrance.


 SKIN: Balancing, regenerating and healing. Mature skin, psoriasis, allergies, itching, skin-problems. Healthy skin maintenance. Fungus, Bacteria, Viruses, Wound healing.

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Antispasmodic and digestive: nausea, constipation, colic and cramps.

CIRCULATION: Harmonizes & stimulates circulation. Hemorrhoids, varicose veins. Regulates heartbeat.

NERVOUS SYSTEM & EMOTIONAL: Balancing, calming, grounding, harmonizing: Insomnia, migraine, stress, nervous tension, insecurity, anxiety. Deep emotional wounds. Can be of use in working through addictions, especially drugs.

ANIMALS - It is gentle enough to use on animals for healing as well.

ANTI-BACTERIAL: This is one of the properties which makes this energy a potent remedy for many skin ailments resulting from bacterial infections. And not only on skin but it helps terminate the bacterial growth inside the body too. It can be applied on wounds to protect them from bacterial infection and is effective in helping heal bacterial infections in urethra, urinary bladder, kidneys, athlete’s foot, cholera, food poisoning, septic, tetanus etc.

ANTI-FUNGAL: This property, aided by the anti bacterial property, makes the Jesus’ Spikenard Anointing Blessing Empowerment an efficient skin care agent. It helps cure ailments caused by fungal infections on the skin and inside, such as food poisoning by fungus, dermatitis, patches on skin, itches, deformation in skin, psoriasis etc.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: This property of the energy, can help relieve inflammations, be it nervous, be it in the digestive system or be it in the respiratory system.

SEDATIVE : The energy helps maintain physical, mental and psychological balance. It sedates inflammations in digestive and nervous system, irritations, nervous afflictions, convulsions, depression, stress and feelings like anxiety, anger, panic etc. It also helps to sedate cardiac problems such as abnormal palpitations, restlessness etc. This sedating and relaxing also helps with insomnia to get sleep.

UTERINE : The energy can be used as depurative for the uterus and the ovaries. It stimulates uterus and ovaries and secretion of hormones like estrogen and progesterone which help maintain proper health and reproductive capabilities of these organs.

 The Jesus’ Spikenard Anointing Blessing Empowerment works on the solar plexus and heart chakras in a deeply calming manner opening them fully and with much gentleness. You may also use the energy to balance and heal the Anja/Brow and Crown Chakra.

 Receiving this Ancient energy is liberating and profoundly soothing. It releases emotional tension and being at the same time grounding and opening it bring you in touch with your inner spirituality.  

The Jesus’ Spikenard Anointing Blessing Empowerment brings you to a place of such peace and tranquility, enveloping you in a deep sense of safety. In this place you can allow yourself to let go of old emotional wounds, fears and insecurities. It connects you to the divinity within and lessens the stresses of the outside world. It shows you the way to heal from within.

 As you activate the energy you experience the nourishing of hope of both heart and soul, allowing you to “surrender” and through its serenity, conveys the power of devotion to one’s chosen path. Jesus gives us the beautiful fragrance of forgiveness pouring it over us with agape love so that we may release the past from the shackles of our own making, those which relentlessly bind us to repeating actions which affect the freedom of the spirit.

You can apply the energy to your face like a spiritual facial for excellent skin care. Jesus infused skin nourishing properties into the energy to support the formation of healthy skin cell tissue and help you maintain a clear, smooth complexion and youthful appearance. It can be used to alleviate dry/oily and itchy skin, hair or scalp conditions, as well as calm allergic reactions and reduce inflammation of tissues. 

The energy will transport you to a place of calm and serenity, that all the difficulties of your life will just fall so that you can see unlimited solutions and possibilities.

The Spikenard Anointing Blessing is a doorway to assurance, peace and spirituality. It will improve meditation, spiritual enhancement, as a spiritual aid for contemplation and clarity of mind and help with insomnia or sleeping troubles. It has the most powerful sedative action and will surely eliminate anxiety and stress, calm your nerves and help you feel more grounded and in control. 

The energy may be applied in anointing rituals and religious ceremonies for the purpose of blessing and spiritual protection. You can use the energy to protect and bless any person, place or thing, such as your family, children, home, assets, money, home, car, work place, etc. You will have an etherical fragrance that will ward off those who are dark or evil, human or non-human, as they cannot stand the fragrance and will leave you.

  Thus, it can be used to protect you from:

 Enemies, bad or evil people

Sorcerers, Black Magicians, Witches, Voodoo Priests, Spell Casters, Hoodoo Magicians and their equivalent

Aggressive persons

Persons who are trying to take advantage of you, deceive you, betray you, negative business associates/friends/persons

Thieves, Rapists, Burglars, Muggers, Murderers, Aggressors or Attackers of any kind

Persons who would commit Defamation of Character, Character Assassination, Gossip, Jealousy, Vengeance, malicious attacks, upon you

Any person with a mental instability that would be harmful to you

Psychic Manipulators, Psychic Intruders, Psychic Attackers,

Terrorists, Arsonists, Serial Killers, and hate groups, and the like

Entities, Ghosts, Demons, Spirits, Earth Bound Spirits, Spiritual Parasites, Psychic Vampires, Negative Energy Attachments, Negative Forces, Entities, Energy Vampires, Discordant Energies, those who would try to place mind control, evil control, or strong hold of the mind on you

Evil soul ties, bondages, negative cords with negative, evil persons


 You can apply the energy to mental disorders, as well as use it to calm agitated mental states and or to promote mental awareness. It is useful for balancing extreme mental and emotional states, including depression, rage, confusion, hysteria, irrational thoughts or fears, grief, loss, trauma, terror and panic.

 It promotes cellular respiration and digestion and is useful for balancing the male and female hormone system.

The energy is gentle and can be applied to children for healing and is especially useful during puberty, and is also helpful during menopausal phases for women and andropause phases for men, as it helps relieve hormonal disturbances like hot flashes, rosacea, head aches, night sweats, insomnia, etc.

 The Jesus’ Spikenard Anointing Blessing Empowerment will bring out the blessed spirit of self-sacrificial love, the Spirit of Christ, whole-hearted love for self, others, Christ, God, the power of genuine Godliness, acts of devotion, good works, beautiful things, good deeds, a genuine and pure heart of devotion and worship, actions of love for others, so that we become the living sacrifice we are meant to be giving of ourselves to others in love.









Do you agree to never exchange or gift this system, and to pass it on at the set price of 140.00 USD?

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