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Relationship Faithfulness Reading - Is Your Partner Faithful Physically, Mentally and Emotionally? Are You Even Compatible in This Area?


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Showing commitment through faithfulness is an important area of a relationship because it brings feelings of security and brings us closer to our spouse or relationship partner. There are many aspects to faithfulness and this reading will give you insight into each of these. The reading will tell you if your spouse or relationship partner is sexually faithful meaning that they have not touched, kissed or had an affair and made love to someone other than you. It will tell you if you are in danger of infidelity in the relationship meaning that your spouse or relationship partner is mentally or emotionally cheating. Mental infidelity would be the practice of fantasizing about other persons, entertaining ideas of relating to, spending time with, enjoying sex with or daydreaming about someone other than you. It will tell you if your spouse or relationship partner has been emotionally faithful. If your spouse or relationship partner is investing emotional and relational energy into another person beside you it will be revealed. If they are sharing their inner self or emotionally connecting with someone to meet person needs this reading will let you know. When emotional and or mental faithfulness is happening this can lead to infidelity. This is why it is important to know if there are issues and if you are compatible in this area of faithfulness. The reading will let you know if you have truth, faithfulness, sexual, problem/conflict compatibility. It will tell you if you share the same level of commitment in this area. The reading is delivered by email.


Chances are that if you decide to purchase this reading you have a sense that something is wrong. Thus, there is a reason you are reading this and perhaps you are ready to know the truth. However, take a moment to meditate and tune into your inner being so that you can be sure that you are ready to hear the information even if it turns out to be hurtful.

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