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Spiritual Gifts Psychic Reading - Ever wonder what the plan is for your Life or what Gifts you have and how you can utilize them?


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Ever wonder what the plan is for your life? Many of us do not know what our gifts are and or how to use them! We all come to the Earth plane with Spiritual Gifts ? Gifts that are given to us to support us on our Path of Purpose. Our Soul Gifts assist us as we journey along our Sacred path. However, we sometimes need help in figuring out what our Divine gifts are and how to use them or if they need further development. This is the purpose of this reading. It will identify your gifts and equip you with knowledge of using them so that you know how or when to use these gifts from the Divine Spirit. The reading will give you insight into perhaps what order these gifts will arise in your life or how you can develop these or use them for Good. Spirit may reveal to you how others will respond when you begin using these gifts and or how to cope with them when they begin being evident on your path. This reading is many pages, detailed and full of generous insights from Spirit. It will delivered via email.

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