Magic 121212 by Gabriele Solina - Highly Magical Energy of the Golden Age - Oneness with All that IS.


Highly magical energy system of the Golden Age of

Gabriele Solina

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate (upon request).


The magic of the golden age is the radiance of love, freedom, gentleness and His

healing - Oneness with All That Is.

In this highly magical energy system, you're going to Merlin - Nama`Ba`Shama,

perform a dimensional jump into the magical time dimension Avalon. You are

invited to plunge into the mystical fog and receive the power of the Golden magic.

dimension jump in the time dimension Avalon

clearing and all your systems with fire energy

initiation / reception of Elf Power

initiation / reception of fairies energy

Initiation into the Golden Magic by Merlin

extension of your magical light in you

raise your frequency as it is suitable for you.

In this system energy flows highest magic!


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