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MORE THAN 50% OFF Weight Loss Reiki Healing Pkg Plus Free Attunements for Weight Loss For Serious Seekers who want Permanent Weight Loss- 24 Healin


Regular Price: 799.99

Includes free attunement to:

Weight Loss Reiki (90.00 value)! :)

Perfect Weight ($49.99 value)!

Weight  Loss Healing Flush ($25 value)!

Fat Flush (80.00 value)

I have been using various Reiki healing sessions for the purpose of weight loss because I had an extra fifty pounds that I needed to lose. In 12 months I have lost 79 pounds by working with Reiki energies for healing. You see the weight that I needed to get off was not caused by a lack of nutritional know-how - it was caused by emotional eating.

We do not overeat simply because we love food - if only it were that simple! We overeat and snack on unhealthy foods out of emotional impulse. Successful weight loss is possible only when we identify what emotional function overeating is playing and take action to fill our needs in healthier ways.


After I identified what was going on I put together a combination of healing sessions to remove blocks that were present to losing weight. Once I successfully lost 23 pounds I began offering sessions to a few long time clients. I have added a few to enhance the package! Between the five of us we have lost a total of 158 pounds!

I identified key issues that were blocks to lasting weight loss:

Stress Factor, Eating due to stress

Unworthiness Factor, Eating due to feeling of unworthiness

Escape Factor, Dulling emotions to escape issues

Self Protection , Eating due to unconscious attempts to shield and protect myself (with three of my clients this took place due to sexual abuse and an attempt to shut down sexually and emotionally for self protection)

Avoiding Factor, Eating to bury the inner voice the still small voice within to avoid responsibility of its guidance

Self Sabotage Factor, Eating due to unconscious self esteem and self confidence issues from this lifetime and others

Self Care/Self Love Factor, Eating and not taking care of self not about self control about self care

Energy Factor, Eating to refuel energy with a binge at the end of a stressful day telling ourselves we deserve it

Anxiety/Fear Factor, Eating when experiencing anxiety and fear

Negative Energy Factor, Negative energy from others that we come into contact with in our daily experiences

The Solution! 25- 60 Minute Healing Sessions

Included in this Reiki Healing Weight Loss Package

1 Weight Loss Flush Empowerment Healing Session 60 minutes

3 Weight Loss Reiki Healing Sessions

This powerful system was channelled through loving angelic beings for the purpose of assisting those whose bodies require a very specific kind of healing; a healing to the perceived appetite.

3 Worthiness Reiki Healing Sessions

One of the biggest blocks to successful weight loss and happiness with self is the subconscious feeling that we are not deserving of it therefore we unconsciously punish ourselves by practicing unhealthy eating habits. This session clears these feelings and blockages so that we can achieve successful weight loss. The energy clears away the negative feelings and replaces them with positive ones that support weight loss.

Gifts of Ananchel Reiki Healing Session

When we overeat we are not practicing loving ourselves and it affects our connection to Divine Love. These energies will counter and balance issues of shame, issues of not listening to our inner voice and need for control, restore our connection to Divine Love, restore feelings of worthiness, remove blocks to receiving Divine Love, remove limiting issues with giving and receiving love in our lives, helping us to hold more light, and love ourselves. This energy will revitalize and energize us so that we are not susceptible to overeating when our energy low.

Isis Blue Moon Reiki Healing Session

As you know we all generate emotional energy. We also pick up emotional energies and other negative energies from others. There are emotional energy fields in and around each of us and in our living and working environments. We can easily pick up feelings including negative emotional energy from other people we live and work around or places we visit. We are constantly being exposed to other people?s feelings and energies. The daily intake of healthy and unhealthy emotional energies has an effect upon our bodies, minds, spirits, personalities, and moods. All emotions generate an energy field. There are two kinds of energies, physical and nonphysical. Our Spirit or Soul is made of nonphysical energies. Our bodies are made of physical energies. We all generate emotional energies, everyone. Anger and fear are emotional energies. Although we cannot see emotional energies we can certainly feel them and they affect us! Built up emotional energies can stay trapped in our body?s energy fields and this Negative energy can drain your vitality and also affect the chakras from operating properly. Negative emotional energy can lead to inner stress, anger, depression, rage, weight gain sleep loss, and affect our overall well-being. Negative energies can negative emotional energies and can directly affect the individual. Anger, resentments, fear, violence, and substance abuse from past and present can cause emotional distress for you. Using Isis Blue Moon Clearings can help to clear you of negative energies. Using this system I can clear negative energies and more that have accumulated in your aura, body and negative emotional energies from past lifetimes. Do not let others drag you down. Our feelings have real energies to them. Love and Happiness are positive feelings rage and hatred are not. That nonphysical part of us generates the Aura. The Aura is a field of energy that surrounds both the physical and non-physical levels of our being. When functioning correctly, it should protect us from negative emotional energies generated by others. When negative emotional energies are trapped in the aura our emotional defenses become weak and we can become susceptible to others negative feelings which cause us problems on many levels when held within our energy field.

3 Deep Healing Reiki Sessions Deep Healing Reiki is a special system meant to work on old embedded wounds in the psyche. It is an energy that will penetrate deep into the layers of the soul and work on those areas that have been hurt and long forgotten. It works to gently clear and release these old wounds and does so with minimum trauma or clearing symptoms. Because it is so gentle, immediate changes may not be readily apparent, but the lasting changes are profound, which are the kind of changes we need to have successful weight loss rather than temporary weight loss from fad diets. This brings healing in such a way that the weight does not return as we are healed of old embedded wounds in our psyche which are causing us to continue to struggle with our weight.

3 Fearless Reiki Healing Session

The Fearless Reiki Session consists of a gentle, soothing, yet strengthening Reiki energy. It can help you to overcome emotional fears and blocks that get in the way of happiness, creativity, and love. Without the fear and worry, Fearless Reiki will help you not to be paralyzed by irrational and negative thoughts that stop you from living and enjoying a happier and fuller existence and life. Fearless Reiki is about working with and healing inappropriate emotional fear. It is about healing and letting go of negative fears that do not serve you on your spiritual journey through life. These fears need to be removed for permanent weight loss.

3 Break Free - Deep Clearing Reiki Healing Sessions

The Break Free Deep Clearing Reiki is a system that helps clear present and past life issues that may be blocking your abilities to move forward and follow your path. These need to be removed so that we can rid ourselves of the weight we are carrying around to protect ourselves. Not only does our past in this lifetime influence our decisions and reactions to things, but also we often carry over negative thought patterns from past lives. These need to be released and viewed as information, without any emotional attachments. Deeply embedded emotions cause us to form thought patterns and cling to things that are no longer helpful to us in the present. This session helps you to release things that are no longer for your highest good and severs the emotional attachments you may have to these negative thought forms. This will help us let go of any behaviors and thoughts that are no longer working for us and causing us to hold onto unwanted pounds.

3 Self Care Reiki Healing Sessions

Self Care Reiki is a nurturing and yet life-changing system that works to clear out any blocks to self care so that we can establish appropriate self care in the area of nutrition, diet and weight loss. It goes into the energetic system and gently releases these blocks. It also uplifts the energy system as a whole. Because the Self Care energy works specifically on nurturing the self, it is gentle and should not create any major clearing symptoms. Rather, the recipient will simply find they are more able to practice positive self care for weight loss. They will suddenly find themselves more inspired to treat themselves better. It will become easier to create new positive eating habits and let go of negative ones.

3 Self Love Reiki Healing Sessions

Self Love Reiki is a very important healing system that will improve weight loss. Everyone has some issues with being unlovable or not good enough. By clearing out these issues and doubts, you will achieve better results in losing the extra pounds. New Life Reiki Healing Session This helps us get unstuck from any rut that has caused us to gain weight and or struggle with weight. It will help us move forward without fear, get unstuck and break the old energy patterns leading to gaining or struggling with weight. This is going to help us let go of what is not working so that something new can happen without much effort on our part.

The Light of Transition Healing Session

These energies connect you to Spirit and your Higher Self so that you may receive Divine Guidance and healing in the struggle with weight loss. Every decision we make affects our future, some in small ways, and others in very drastic life changing ways. The energies of Light of Transition brings strength, courage, and hope so that you may act without fears and doubts that cause stress and worry as overeating can occur from this place. The healing energies of Light of Transition Empowerment calms and sooths anxiety and quiets doubts and fears, by filling us with love, light, strength, courage, and positive energies. When you are filled with confidence and commitment to losing weight, fears and doubts fall away, like the skin of a snake when it sheds the old skin for a new one. The emotional healing of this attunement carries you forward so this transition from being overweight to reaching your ideal weight is smoother and easier.

Disclaimer -Spiritual healing, Reiki, and energy work are not a substitute for traditional Medical treatment, if you have a serious health imbalance please see a Doctor or other appropriate professional, and make complementary healing part of a complete health care program. Energy therapy is a natural method of energy balancing, but is not meant as a substitute for medical, or psychological, diagnosis and treatment. Energy practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. These services are offered as part of my practice as a healing minister and are not to be taken as medical advice but as spiritual information. I find that invoking angels and the guides that are relevant to the healers and healee's personal spiritual paths does accelerate healing and recovery. My primary efforts are directed to helping others discover, acquire and activate their own abilities to heal themselves and others, to Commune with Spirit Directly and to assist with Earth Healing. I Transmit attunements for many different energy work systems and empowerments from many paths including Reiki and other Energy work, Spiritual Empowerment. REIKI is a hands-on Japanese natural healing system of energy balancing for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation only. REIKI is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Always consult your health care professional or General Practitioner first. REIKI practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. REIKI is meant only to compliment medical treatments and not to replace them. We strongly recommended you see a licensed physician, GP or other licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment whether it be acute or chronic that you may be suffering from or suspect that you may have. In no event can Tracey or Masters Healing Light Academy liable in anyway directly or indirectly for damages resulting from information or data provided or for the loss of profits through the use or misuse of said information and data, either via its use, negligence or other actions. ALL thoughts are Prayers, and all prayers are answered, may your thoughts accept yourself as worthy of wellness and abundance and happiness.

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