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Kala Ejh Magic Level I, II and III by Solina - A Magic Healing System of the Apaches


A Magic Healing System of the Apaches

With your purchase you will receive all three levels by chi ball call in method, a certificate, lineage and the manual.

Founder Solina Grill Mittenhofer

Magic, Healing, Healing of the Mind and Soul, Spiritual Healing, Forgiveness, Body Consciousness

Healing of the Mind and Soul. Free yourself from your karma, the wounds of your soul, and the recollections this karma has left, the karma of life.

This energy leads you in the 5th level of light and carries the light blue color. It is a powerful energy from the old gods from the depths of the universe. The old gods are to be served back around you in the unreserved love all being. They pay attention and honor you, for which you are and act, for everything what is.

Level one

Healing of the Mind and Soul, Trauma Resolution

Level two

Forgiveness - Award to your Brother Like yourself. Body Consciousness

Level Three

Canal opening and authorization

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