Masters Healing Light Academy of Natural Healing and Spiritual Development


New Avalon - A Magical Healing System into the New Avalon


Initiation into Lo'Nah - Magic of LIght Technology and dedication to your wand by merlin.

Founder Solina Grill Mittenhofer

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate with lineage.

In this high magical initiation into Avalon you are invited by merlin on a magical journey to Avalon. Merlin will perform your initiation. Lo'Nah the fire magic carries the color of light blue and golden stardust. She is an incredibly powerful energy of the new age. Lo'Nah is a crystal and he wears the color blue. It has its own consciousness. It is vivid magic light technology.

Typical Applications of the energy: to Unify Chakras, Open Channels, Heal Painful areas or wounds, balance all levels of being, reprogram DNA, Energetic OP's, massive increase in energy, activation of Merkeba, healing and cleaning of earth, space, spaces, etc, manifestation of desires, and magic rituals.



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