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Are We Compatible or Not Psychic Reading - Determine your overall compatibility!


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This reading will provide insight into your soul mate in several important areas of life so that you can determine your overall compatibility. This reading will try to provide you with issues that you can expect to encounter with your soul mate or partner. As relationships and people change over time the reading will attempt to provide you with special insights to help you move through the relationship as it grows and as your soul mate or partner grows. The main foundation of a relationship is deeply affected by your soul mate/partner?s life paths/purposes and lessons that they were born into this life with thus the reading will include insight into these as well. This reading will provide you with the information and cycles required to interpret the compatibility issues involved with this relationship as well as to help you understand every trait, lesson, strength, influence and cycle of growth can be fully understood. Here are the areas that this reading covers.

Emotional ? Inner Dreams, desires of your Soul Mate/Partner

Physical ? How others see your SM/Partner when they meet him or her for the first time which will help you get a sense if you will be attracted or not.

Intellectual ? The way your SM/Partner thinks about life, relationships, includes information on their life path/lessons.

Spiritual ? Know more about your SM/Partner?s spiritual values, life.

Intuitive ? How your soul mate handles their affairs ? includes information on the opinions, ideals, and values.

Strongest Traits ? Information and insight into your SM/Partner?s s most prominent traits which will help you to understand and work with your SM/Partner.

Weakest Traits ? Same as strongest traits, except for prominent weak areas.

Major Issues ? Insight into Major Issues within your soul mate/partner that affect the relationship.

Personal Growth ? Insight into your soul mate or partner?s ability to work through any issues that affect the relationship.

Career/Finance ? Insight into your soul mate?s success or failure in this area of their life.

The reading will be delivered to your email box.

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