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Exploring Intimacy Relationship Reading ...15 Questions Delivered by Email


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1. What will my soul mate/future partner do to help me be more comfortable in our


2. How can I bring or create more intimacy into our relationship?

3. Will intimacy diminish or increase after a few years compared to when we first

started dating?

4. What are some things that can keep or bring back intimacy into our relationship?

5. What are some things that symbolize intimacy to my soul mate?

6. What will be the most intimate aspect of our relationship in the beginning?

7. What will my soul mate/future partner do to draw me closer or try to attract me?

8. Will there be times when he/she tries to push me away or times when they need some


9. What can I do to bring them closer to me?

10. What should I avoid that might push them away?

11. Will intimacy be a consistent part of our relationship?

12. What are some intimate acts that my future partner or soul mate

will respond to?

13. Will we maintain closeness in our relationship?

14. What will bring us closer?

15. Are there things to avoid that could move us further apart?

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