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Insights Into the Future of a New Relationship Reading Delivered by Email

$79.99 $199.99

Insights Into the Future of a New Relationship


regular price 199.99



The reading will answer the following questions:



  • What is our quality time spent together like? Could you describe it?
  • What will an intimate evening be like for us? Could you describe one?
  • What will our holidays be like?
  • At what times will we feel the happiest together?
  • What romantic qualities does he/she have?
  • Will we fight much?
  • Will we have a special place ? a place that we want to visit again and again or will we travel to different places each time?
  • Will we travel on the spur of the moment (like ? hey lets go to the mountains or the beach this weekend)?
  • Will we go on weekend getaways? What will they be like?
  • Will we take long road trips? Will we enjoy it ? take our time or rush to our destination?





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