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Spiritual Insights into your Soul Mate Part II Email Reading - This reading will help you know more about your Soul mate's Spiritual life past, presen


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The Spiritual insights into your Soul Mate reading has been such a big hit that clients are requesting a ‘sequel’ if you will to allow them to know more insights and specifics about their Soul Mate. Therefore, I have created this reading to accommodate requests and suggestions from my client base. Thank you for your input and suggestions.


  • What is the role of my soul mate’s animal totems in terms of which are the main nine totems, which are helpers and what positions are they in?
  • What medicine do my Soul Mate’s animal totems lend to my Soul Mate?
  • What are the names of my Soul Mate’s Guides?
  • What are my Soul Mate’s Guides helping with at this time – what are their roles in my Soul Mate’s life?
  • What do my Soul Mate’s Guides look like?
  • What message comes forward from my Soul Mate’s Guides at this time?
  • What are some of the names of the Angels working closely with my Soul Mate?
  • What do these Angels look like?
  • What are these Angels helping my Soul Mate with – what are their specific roles or tasks?
  • What message comes forward from my Soul Mate’s Angels to me at this time?
  • Does my Soul Mate’s Higher Self have a message for me?


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